Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

Well folks, the end of our calendar, no matter how screwed up it may be, is upon us.

Wishing you all safety in your travels and wisdom in your choices.

As a friend once told me "May the worst of your next be be comparible to the best if this past one"

And, for a pic.. a small collage I put together of some Ame-Comi maquettes/statuettes.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The end is nigh!

End of the year, that is.
Of course, nobody really KNOWS when everything could just pffffft out of maybe it is nigh.

Anyhow.. Clearly with the festivities and such, getting daily posts up will be spotty, but I'll still try to get them done.

Here's a quick (and I mean quick) attempt to show some anguish in a character that, for whatever reason, is semi-clad in ninja garb.

I'm working more on doing some quick roughs, then refining it a bit, changing a little, refining it some more.. roughing out any more changes.. refining it.. I have to stop being so quick to go `Okay, that's 3 roughs, time to do some heavy lines and then colour the thing`.  Basically, I have to stop being like a software company that shall remain nameless and boot things out the door before they're really ready.
Ready by my standards, anyhow.

I can always do some quick roughs to get an image up for the day.. but I want to get something really nice done before the end of the week.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas folks.

No art made today, unless you count clean laundry as art.

So, here's a screencap of my Blaster from City of Heroes. He was designed as part of the guild/clan/whatever `The Booty Pirates`, who's motto was `it's not about the chest, it's about the booty!`.
Entendres included, I suppose. Still, it was fun being part of a pirate-themed superhero group.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

My roommate, bless her heart ( I picked that phrase up while in Texas),
texted me asking me what I was doing tomorrow.
My first thought was `It's Christmas, hello!! B'd'uhhhh`.. then I remember I don't do anything on Christmas.

See, my family is either 6 hours north, or something like 17hours west.
I drive...but I don't have my own vehicle. It's actually cheaper to fill a gas-tank than it is to take a bus, not that I can afford either. So, I just don't see my family often.. or at all it seems like most days.

But wait!, you say, We live in a world with internets, facebooks, texts & IM's, you can keep in touch!
Well, sure.. but that's still no substitute for actually seeing the flesh&blood on the other side of a screen, and no, webcams just don't do it justice. Besides, it's well-documented that yes, as a society, we're more connected than ever.. but we're also more alone & lonelier than ever.

Anyhow, so while you folks enjoy time with family, feasting away and making merry, I hope to be getting my laundry done, and trying to find non-christmas shows/movies on the tv that comes with said wonderful laundry access.
For those of you who, like me, cannot be with your family or the ones you care about, my empathies, and I'll try to remember to raise a glass of `cheer` to you, tomorrow.

So.. given that the amount of snow on the ground here isn't enough to fill a child's serving of a slurpy/slushie/snowcone.. here's a lil something from my head to yours.

      Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night.     

Thursday, December 23, 2010


So..yeah. Wasn't sure what I was going to just up and sketch tonight..

I don't really like holidays. All the farcity of the forced-glee and fake happiness..not even close to masking the rushing, grumbling, crowded, irritated and nigh-almost-brutish shoppers.. people being people, doing things that, if left to their own devices, would do when they wanted to, because they wanted to (or so I tell myself), instead of being forced into this thing called 'christmas'.

And it's not even 'christmas' anymore.. it's all `happy holidays`.
Utter bullshit.
However.. if you want to be all `happy holidays` and not `merry christmas`.. fine. Go in to work, and work a regular day's wage on December 25th. Return the 'holiday pay' and if you happen to work that day, return the time-and-a-half or however much they're paying you, and take only what would be a regular-day's wage.
Otherwise, kindly STFU and have a Merry Christmas.

I don't like the commercialization of this time of year. It seems the only time we aren't bombarded with `seasonal` advertising is during the summer..and even then, Victoria Day Weekend (aka, May2-4) the 4th of July, Canada Day, or some other day crops up that's suddenly a big deal.
But it's really bad from Labour Day down through to St.Patrick's Day.

It starts with Labour Day barbecue stuff. Then (in Canada) October-Thanksgiving, then Halloween, then (in the US) November-Thanksgiving, then a small lull for about 3 days while Remembrance Day is observed by some (and those who refuse to acknowledge it, please get to the front of the line of advancing troops in enemy territory.) and then it's Christmas time followed shortly thereafter by New Year's, on to Valentine's Day and then the dull-roar of St.Patrick's Day.
You've got 7 months of spending, enduring, imbibing, partaking and supposedly, enjoying. That only gives you 5 months (if you do nothing else) to work, pay off debts and try to save up for the recurring 7 months of 'joy'

I'm not against having a good time or enjoying yourself.. or even special days that commemorate things.. but don't force me to celebrate something. Don't make me feel like I'm some defectual delinquent because I'm not all smiles and sunshine in what are generally the coldest and bleakest months of the year. (Nov-Feb, let's say)

So I got thinking about Scrooge.
Now, let's say Scrooge was actually a younger man.. a real go-getter, one of those fast up&coming kind of guys, who steps on everyone but the poeple he glad-hands so he can keep climbing that ladder to a position of authority and paycheque.
Then the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present & Future pay him a visit.
I'm fairly sure that Scrooge wouldn't have actually recanted his well-worn habits and ways of being, thinking, living just because of some ghostly visions & visitations. But the Ghostbusters aren't around for another couple of hundred years... so what're ya gonna do?

Ya do it yourself. And yes, this is the beginning of a foray into steampunk ghostbusting, a la Ebenezer Scrooge.. or, as I'm calling it: Scrooge's Revenge. The steampunk aspects would come into play for the ghost-fighting gear, among other things.

Seriously though.. it's surprisingly difficult to get them muttonchops right. But they're very fun to draw.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More random sketches

Nothing really direct, motivated or purposeful.

Man.. it feels like forever since I've been in Photoshop.. I've been using Corel Painter Essentials for almost everything on here.. it's nice to be back in Photoshop, for sketching purposes.

I've heard good things about Manga Studio for a natural-feel for sketching, even on non-Intuous tablets.. and no, I don't have one. I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun. The price is right for an introductory tablet, and if various aspects of this existence come together for the better(for once), I'll be buying an Intuous because hey, I'll be drawing for a living. But it ain't like that day is tomorrow.. so I'll stick with my faithful Bamboo Fun+ and try to be happy with what I have.

That's the real secret, you know.. being content with what you have.
And it is so damned hard in our society.

John Wigger ( of the Zombie Roomie webcomic) had tweeted about wanting to try getting a watercolour feel out of photoshop. I think I've gotten a feasible attempt, more or less. Sure, there's room for refinement, but for not actually attempting to get watercolour-feel? I think it worked out okay.

And don't ask me why Batman got in there. Dude's freakin everywhere, okay?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Labour of

love? Oh hell no. Labour of because sometimes I just gotta do something different.

Though I don't think I'll be doing *this* again anytime soon without being paid for it.
Sometimes I'm just too damned nice for my own good.

It's not done yet, as you can see from the close-up shots, I have some minor touching to do, which means a steadier hand, which means I should stop drinking - coke. I've not ingested enough caffeine to cause a problem yet, but I might as well cut a potential problem off before it becomes one.
Not that I drink(anything) to excess..but I do loves me some Coke and Dr.Pepper.

Anyhow.. I've decided that, quite frankly, to hell with the issues and problems and distractions and detractions, I'm still going to attempt to do this every day and every outside influence can go fuck itself in the face.
Yup, not real kid-friendly there, but neither am I, really.

I just hope that when I'm done this series of slim-back art pieces, they arrive at their destination without much marring or transitory-damages.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bit of a hiatus

Until I can get some things sorted/straightened out here, there's going to be no images for awhile.
Hopefully this shit gets cleared out of the way before too long.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No news is a lack of communication

Nothing to report, sir!

No art-based image today.
So, for some's a pic some guys at Fan Expo 2010 were nice enough to let me snap.
If you don't know, they're CosPlaying the ... mechanic (I don't remember the guy's actual game-name).. and sniper from Team Fortress 2 - a game I don't play enough of, and enjoy way to much to not play it enough.

I could give you some excuse as to why there's nothing drawn out/painted/done.. but I like to go with the truth (despite the fact it bites me in the ass every chance it gets). I'm lazy\efficient..and with the truth, you don't have to remember who you told, how you told them, and what you told them.
So, I just didn't do anything today - art wise. Unless you count getting to talk to the amazing Lar deSouza face to face for a lil bit over some triple-chocolate bacon brownies, in which case, yeah, that was just freaking awesome. I also got to see 2 of his 3 cats, Virgil & Pixel, even got to pet Pixel.
SooooOOOOOoooo soft & fuzzy, like one of them women's fuzzy socks..only softer, and fuzzier. And the women's socks don't purr.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's in a name?

Cosby. For some reason I thought the man's last name had more to it. Perhaps something like Cosmolopouloustrosity or something, and friends had shortened it to CosBOOM, because pronouncing it properly made your tongue explode.

Shows what I know.. and for a guy who learns something new almost every day, it clearly ain't much, hey?

Nathan Cosby. Laurence deSouza. Danielle Corsetto. Dan Simon.
Mark Millar(Miller?). Jack Kirby. Boris Vallejo. Obsidian Abnormal(I don't know if that's his real name).
Names of people skilled in either writing or drawing(painting/illustrating/etc), sometimes both. Is it their names that gives them their powers?...Nooooo.. or is it?

What's in a name?.. typically, personality traits tend to follow names. Think about this for a second. How many people named _____ do you know that share not only the same name, but also personality traits that others named ______ don't seem to have?
Be careful what you name your kids.

Anyhow.. here's another shot at Superboy's new costume for that twitter dealie #NateWouldLikeToSee,
yesterday's was purely for the twitch-effect. The below image is a rough, shaded rough, and quick-coloured rough. I like the head on the second rough better, but these are only quick sketches, much like everything that gets posted here.. well, there's a few (very very few) items that've had more than 2 hours put into them, from initial thought to colour. Not too sure how I feel about the whole inverted-triangle body-style for the 3rd(coloured) rough. For SuperMAN, maybe.. but SuperBOY?, not really.

And yes, the colours are only there for an idea of what it might look like in-colour.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wary Wishing

We've all been told ot be careful what we wish for, as it might come true.

Well, there's a fella named Nate Cos...hmm. I'm going to have to look up his actual last name.
Well, on twitter, he's @NateCosBOOM..and he's got this weekly thing of #NateWouldLikeToSee kind of thing, and people doodle it up and send him a link, and he picks the top 7 that he likes.

Well, he posted something about changing/redesigning SuperBoy's costume.
I did a thing about Superman a while ago..  ...and in our day & age of 'anything goes' and 'don't you dare judge me'... here's SuperBoi. ... Careful what you wish for Nate.. you can't un-see something ^_^


and unlined: (uncleaned, too.. I just took the lines layer off.. should've cleaned it up)

Yep, I'm a jerk.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sarah Strawberri

Yeah yeah, I know.. I didn't sign her name with the'H'. I can see that now.


One of the many honest-working-girls in The Plot, Sarah lives an excitingly boring life.. waitress by day, waitress by night. Sly informant on the side...but for which side..or all them?

Either way, the girl's got heart, moxy, and enough wits to keep her head down, and throw one mean uppercut while yours is up.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

More from The Plot

Today we meet one of the Ladies of Leisure from The Plot.
One of the headlining acts at one of Don Broccoli's Nightclubs,
the always juicy Ms. Cheri Tomatoes.

Yeah, if you haven't noticed by now, the denizens of The Plot are basically anthropomorphized produce. I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

Now, for all you food-purists out there, please note the ONLY rule I am going to go by is that "if it has seeds, it's a fruit". Wonky rule if you ask me.. that makes peas & corn fruits. Peas and corn will always be vegetables in my eyes, and for the purpose of what I'm doing with The Plot, they're considered vegetables.

And no, I'm not a vegetarian. I like bacon, hamburger and steak, thank you very much. And sushi, can't forget sushi.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Saturday Night

and there's no artwork again. Well, nothing I've painted or drawn up, though you could argue I pieced it together with a 3D character generator.

Really, it's an old heroine I had whipped up as a toon to test some ideas in City of Heroes.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Early Friday Post

WOW! How the froozleberries did that happen?

Well, it happened. huzzah.
Still watching Lar deSouza do his awesome that he does.

You met Conspiracy Corn from The Plot yesterday.... time to meet one of the people he has paranoid conspiracies about : Don Broccoli.

Dedicated to Lar deSouza, because he's just freakin awesome people.

He'll make you an offer you really shouldn't refuse.
Because you don't mess with the Broccoli.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Plot: Conspiracy Corn

Okay, something new.. a sneak-peek, if you will.

I've had some sstuff rattling around my head for a while, sketched some of them out..and now I'm adding to it.. fleshing it out even more.

The Plot: a world of anthropomorphic produce. Produce Police are kind of like who SWAT would call in when they can't deal with what's going down. Fridgers are like cops.. and if someone's been `put in the bin`, they've been incarcerated. To be composted, is to be killed, and all sorts of other fruit&veggie stuff tossed in for fun & giggles.

I've got some main players, major characters, side dishes(hee hee) and other critters... the writing is the hard part.. because I don't really write..I just think of stuff, sketch it out, and let it grow in my head.
Inside my noggin is a world, almost in full-swing, of these guys.
You know how Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-men, Farscape & such have their own thriving worlds?
So does The Plot. Only difference is, it's all in my head, not in comic, movie, tv or other-format.

So, to start off, I give you, Conspiracy Corn.
more to follow,

Praise be to the Farmer Above,
Thankful for the Fertilizer,
Keep us from Composting,
and Stay outta the Crisper.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If Batman was Santa....

..and liked brighter colours.. I think his sleigh might look kind of like this:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, something like that.

I've never really been fond of holidays, or anything where you're forced to put on a smile and be nice and all the things that we should just generally be if only we could...or something like that.

Has anyone ever seen Wolverine fighting the Snowmen? How about zombie-snowmen?

Well now you have.
Enjoy ^_^

Monday, December 6, 2010

It never rains...

...but it pours. Torrentially it seems.

If you've been reading along, you might recall I had mentioned how I seem to have averaged approximately 1 interview per month for each month since I've graduated.
Well, I think that number is about to go UP.

I had an interview today, and, I think it went well. Whenever I'm given `homework`, I tend to think it went well. But I have to be careful.. I've had offers of employment that included some pre-actual-job-offer "homework", and the job disappeared into the ether. Some of them would've been great fun, amazing skill-enhancement work, and just plain good to do. Wish they had panned out, but such didn't happen, and what are you going to do?
Head down, eyes up, shoulder to the plow, and keep pushin, that's what.

I spent roughly 6 years being asked `What's your passion? What do you want do with your life?` before a musician who got some work in the eatery I was working at flipped the switch for me.
What's your passion in life? he asked. I told him I didn't have any 'passion in life'.. What is that thing, or if you're like me, things that if you could no longer do or enjoy, life would take a serious nosedive into WorthlessLand for you? ... now THAT was a rephrasing I could understand. For me? Music and Art.
Don't be surprised if you don't have an answer right away. It took roughy 6 years, and a complete stranger to rephrase the question before I could grasp what it was.

Doing what you love for a (decent! [they never mention that part]) living is often called `living the dream`.
Screw that noise! You always wake up from dreams. Always.

Let's get realistic for a moment, because less than half of a half of a percent `live the dream`.
SO.. if you're doing something you enjoy, that pays your bills and puts food in your fridge (plus some fun-money-that's important too), you're essentially head & shoulders above the rest of the working-world.
If you get into a line of work that feeds your passion, you're flying now. Nobody can deny that the people who are passionate in their work get noticed. They also tend to do amazing things that others in their field wonder how they managed to do.

So.. what's your passion?

Here's some simple pastel complimentary/contrasting (something about pastels seems make them appear more complimentary..weird) pieces. Nothing fancy, all simple. All done within a 40-minute time period, including this writing. Originally I was working on doing a bizarro-coloured forest walkway...then changed my mind.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Suckage of Sunday

So..yeah. Normally I just kind of relax, if I can, and take the day slow and try to just enjoy it without being bored. (I get bored easily, which is not a good thing).

Got a last-minute-offer to head out and get some laundry done for free (yay! I haven't been to the laundromat in roughly 6 weeks. Saved over 60$ so far in laundry-expenses.)
But this also means no real artwork gets done.
So, while watching the season-finale of The Walking Dead (a perk of doing laundry at my roomy's friend's place is tv..and AMC, no less), I quick-did some sketch work of some more Nightcrawler.

I had the fore-sight to bring my Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet with me..but I don't have the room in a recliner to get everything working well. A by-product of trying to get things to fit and work, is that I learned that if I put my tablet over the in-laid keyboard of my laptop, it really messes up the stylus-tracking..either the receiver, the transponder, or both.

Anyhow.. here we go. A lil colour added, and some more Nightcrawler.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Re-Imagined: Nightcrawler

So, 10pm was closing in..and then it was 10:15 and I went `CRAP!!`..and began to semi-panic about what I was going to do...and how I wish I was somewhere else. Nightcrawler could be somewhere else....

Redo Nightcrawler.
So I did.

Kept some of the original colours, but decided to go with some pants (tried to get that yoga-pant look, don't think I got it), and a v-neck shirt. Kurt Wagner was a freaking acrobat in a circus, so he's gonna be slim, but built, especially legs and shoulders, I figured.

Anyhow.. here you go, BAMF!ing onto your monitor

Friday, December 3, 2010

Still Friday!

Hah, making it in under time.

Okay, watching Lar deSouza do his Ustream thing.
I normally start my daily art project around 10pm. Gives me roughly an hour, hour & a half to get something though of, roughed out, and done.

Asked for some ideas in the chat section of the ustream, and some ideas were thrown out there.
Someone's not included in this because, I don't know what they look like.. otherwise, they'd be riding the Frogicorn. Saved the file as `unifrog`..let's hope I remember it's a Frogicorn!

It's a friday!

So that means: Lar deSouza ustream, and a late post.

It's getting close to being done, but I don't think it'll be done before midnight.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Gunslinger

So, I had put a few hours into designing this bust-shot of The Gunslinger.
Or at least, how I picture Roland of the Eld, Roland son of Stephen, Roland Deschane - Gunslinger.

What the heck am I talking about? you ask?? Stephen King's The Dark Tower book series.
Good stuff, if you like a very well blended mix of western, sci-fi, fantasy, every-day and magic.
I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not the typical horror-fare that King's known for..and the best part is, the Dark Tower series brings in from most of is other works, things that, if you're a fan, are a wonderful nod to his other works.

So yeah.. I put in some more time today.. and while I'm not completely happy with the background, I can always edit that later.
But for now...

The Gunslinger.

I'm Tho Thor

Not really. Though the side(inward facing body) of my knee's been kinda twitchy when I bend it lately.

Anyhow.. Thor's Head.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Late post

Hey folks,

So, yeah, I've been doodling out some poses for this Thor-thing I'm trying to do..

All I've got a is a head-shot, and while painting it, I noticed the time.
So, you can have the rough, and I'll post the painting when it's done.
Trying to get a good rough-sketch done that captures what I'm trying to do with a re-design on Thor.
Mythological gods... don't like change, I tells ya. 8P

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I got to thinking of other heroes/heroines and villains/villainess' who could use some re-imagining.
Thor came to mind.
Thor's not exactly "owned" by anyone, but certain companies have used their own take on the mythology of the Norse God (half-god? that's Hercules\Herakles, my bad), so, a bit of Google-image searching later, I'm finding a lot of Marvel Comic's Thor images, and some that really just remind me of Conan-with-a-hammer. There was one image with a signature of " -Voltare-" on it that I really liked.

So, I'm coming up with my own re-design of the old Odin-Son.
So far it's just digital sketches.

Oh..and if you're reading this, go check out this petition to get a Canadian Nerd a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory :

Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing with Watercolours

So, yeah.. I'm not as good as I thought I was with watercolours.

But, practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice.. I had the joy of visiting my local art supply store, Curry's and while looking around, found some great priced postcard-sized canvas'. So now, in addition to pen & ink on my watercolour postcards (because I'm not good enough yet to watercolour them), I can paint actual postcards and ship them out. Ship them out? Well, if I have any blank canvas' left when someone wins the next twitter-contest.
I also noticed that in addition to Copic and Prismacolour markers, they now carry Tombow markers. Oh, but to have thousands of dollars to just drop on art supplies, I could clean them out in a heartbeat.. *sigh*

There's a decent deal going with Curry's right now for the holiday-season.. free shipping(well, in Canada) on all telephone/online orders. Which really helps me as I'd like to nurture my nieces/nephew's artistic skills, but given that they live 5+hours away, weather depending, it's hard to just pop by for some art time with their Gruncle. (that'd be me.. their Grumpy Uncle)

So, if you're nearby, or browsing online.. and looking for some good deals on art supplies.. give Curry's a shot.

Anyhow.. quickshot watercolour attempt.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re-Imagined: Superman

Okay, so I put some more thought & work into the Superman thing.

I took some things into consideration: Skinny farm boy youth. Reporter. Super-strong, doesn't need to work out.

SO.. we've got Clark Kent, skinny, dour reporter trying to get a scoop. Alter-ego, right?.. so he stoops a bit, shoulders a bit hunched. Hair brushed forward over his forehead
And Superman.. Shoulders back and broad, chest out, head back so he has to look down on the criminals (it's an intimidation thing), Hair wildly blown about (as it would be if you flew like he does, no?) & out of his face.

Sure, Superman could just rip a pipe off a wall and use it as make-shift handcuffs. And that would be cool.. but that would also be destruction of property. And as Clark Kent's upbringing taught Supes to respect life and other people and all that, to be that Beacon of Hope for Humanity.. yeah. Hello utility-belt. Holds handcuffs and/or zip-ties or whatever's currently being used by police forces.

Cape & Emblem intertwined.. tights turned into clothes. Because if Superman's 'costume' is his clothes from his planet.. what's the deal!? In the pictures of Krypton, people were wearing flowing robes & sashes.. nothing skin-tight or brightly coloured! So things've been remade into clothes a bit more. Decided to untuck those tight-pants from the boots.. that's just a personal preference.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hey, No post today.
I just got in (11:30pm) from spending the afternoon helping a friend move stuff around so they can find room to squeeze a christmas tree into their living room.

I don't know about you.. but for me.. non-paying gigs, and self-imposed projects take a backseat to helping friends. Moreso the seslf-imposed things.. if I've already commited to a non-paying gig and a friend needs help with something, they're kinda S.O.L. unless I can do both without interfering with the first-commited item.

SO.. no art?.. perhaps. Enjoy a lil something I made out of the City of Heroes character generator... then went over in photoshop. I have to admit.. sometimes, the character-generation is the best part of a game. And City of Heroes, City of Villains, do not disappoint very often when it comes to character-creation.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Re-Imagining 1

So, okay.. it's not really a `re-imagining` per se.. but really.. that slicked-back curly-cue is as iconic to Superman as his big red&yellow S and the blue tights.

What I'd like to know is.. the guy gets his powers fueled by our yellow sun.. so why the heck is he so bulky? Over the years he's gotten even bulkier.. Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Del had a "silly" of a "diesel batman" (I still haven't googled what `diesel` means in relation to muscley characters), where Batman's facing a crook.. flexes his bicep, and the crook's head explodes. Superman passed that point of silly muscley-goodness a long time ago.

And this is one reason I liked Superman Returns. Brandon Routh doesn't look like a tough-guy. Hell, he looks like the kid you beat up for lunch-money in highschool. Superman's never had to actually work-out to be strong. No running miles down the country roads, or baling hay & stray to get pipes, no no..he was just naturally strong thanks to a yellow-sun and his weird alien mutant powers. (I say mutant because hey, put him under a red-sun light-source and he's back to being a regular wuss like the rest of us)

So.. this is a first-attempt (and done quickly because it's friday, and that means I'm usually out doing something) of a very very mild re-imagining.. longer hair, slimmer frame, less emphasis on rippling muscles, and more just.. well, hey, I'm superman. Shoot me, waste your bullets, I'll turn your wrist into jelly by accident.

When I can put more actual time into it, I'll try a full-on re-imagining..that means costume, symbol, the whole thing. Probably won't even recognize it as Superman without me telling you it's this re-imagining thing.

Let the games begin!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Variety vs. Re-imaginings

The below image is a quick-sketch of 3 of the most commonly seen (by me) heads of Mr.Freeze in the Batman longevity. From the 60's show, comics, cartoons to today.

I like variety.. various character designs are always kinda cool.. even if they're bad or make you wonder what decade the design came from (looking at YOU, redesign of WonderWoman.. welcome to the 90's.)

It's the phrase `re-imagining` that gets my hackles up. Take the current clusterfuck of this Superman re-imagining. Supes looks like someone just teabagged his grandmother after a raunchy round of Halo.
Not cool, guys.
I understand the desire for the comics to keep selling, even to the emo/twilight/everything is hairless-prettyboy-and-sad crowd.. wait.. do they even read comics? Maybe if we rephrase it to `graphic novels`...yes yes, there IS a difference, I know.. but let's not get into that right now.

The problem is.. someone early on took Superman and made him boring. Can only be hurt by kryptonite. every villain has kryptonite. Then it's magic. Then it's other-worldly aliens that can beat him up but good. (Darkseid anybody?.. Doomsday was a joke...if they left Supes dead for at least 2 (of our)years before reviving him in all his multi-cloned laughability, it could have worked)

But no.. now they're re-imagining the Man of Steel to be more accessible to today's messed up society.
Instead of leaving him as the beacon of hope, of a pristine-americana...a way to try to live and be, take that high-road because it's just what you do!!!!!...they make him more `human`.."accessible".. "relatable"...
Screw that. Wolverine's not relatable to anybody who's younger than 100. But people still like him.
The writer's've done a decent job, more or less, making stories people like.. and it's a sad thing that shows us exactly just how `bottom of the barrel` and `completely out of ideas` they are when they `re-imagine` classic iconic characters.

That's my 2 cents on the topic.
And here's my quick(15minute) sketch. ..of Mr.Freeze.. yeah, I got carried away on that rant.

You know what? Maybe I'll do a series of `re-imaginings` of my own.. my own take on classic and iconic heroes&villains from the comics world.

Any suggestions folks?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Memories (A)

I'm sure somewhere in the future I'll post something else titled `memories` this'll be `A`..instead of part-1 or anything.. because I don't expect them to relate to each other, but perhaps be more itemized like on a list of things under the heading of `memories`..

'Cause, yanno.. `part 1` indicates a related piece coming somewhere down the road.

Anyhow..I started painting a grassland piece..and it turned into something I remember from my time out in PEI. That's Prince Edward Island.. east-coast of Canada for them that don't know. North of Nova Scotia, south of the Newfies in Newfoundland...don't take that the wrong way, I like most of the folks I've met from Newfoundland.

Anyhow.. I remember sitting on the beach out by Cape Traverse, watching the sun go down, and thinking `there's a lot of beach scrub-grass for being almost winter..and why is it still green?`.. The grass does get rather tall.. it easily reached my groin..and I'm 6'2". we go.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day & Night Doodling

Sometimes we overlook the simplest thigns that when we rediscover them.. it's a gentle head-slap of re-recognition of how important, and awesome, some things can be.

Literally the difference between night & day.
A bit of light here, a bit of dark there.. shades in between.
I don't remember who (but it was probably some egghead "scientist"), but someone once claimed that the human eye could distinguish between 64,000 different colours.

I really doubt that, considering most folks have a hard time discerning between what's actually black, and what's really just a dark-indigo pair of dress pants. Am I right?
There's also the stupid arguements that I've had with friends (and they've gotten pretty heated, which is just as stupid) about what's a pearlescent purple, and what's a glossy indigo blue.
I think the big problem is that we just can't see things through someone else's eye.

Just imagine.. if we could.. all for maybe 5 the push of a button, see things through someone else's eyes.. kind of like the movie `Being John Malkovich`..only without the control over the person.
Quick-sketched this out using charcoals(coloured charcoal..thank you digital works!).. listening to some oldies music..and thinking of the things I grew up with that were `normal`..and are really just .. nosstalgic & bizarre today.

Raining mountain-fire in the day

Raining mountain-fire at night.

Little things.. same picture, one layer just had a colour-swap.. what a difference, ehn?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cruel to be kind?

While I'm no tree-hugging-hippy who needs a kick in the face (preferably by an authoritarian archetype wearing riot-gear) I do think that we shouldn't be 'helping' "mother nature"... either by enabling dying species to propagate, or by bumping them off through the mass-expansion. (housing developments instead of smart apartment complexes, for example ...though, I would rather have a house than this apartment - because I have very noisy neighbours..but you can still get that with houses, too.. and it's a lot more work to move a house, than to find a new apartment)

SO.. if it can be cruel to be kind.. surely, it can be good to be mean.
Take tonight for example.. my upstairs neighbour knocked on my door. Had his laundry basket.
What's up?.. locked himself out. Oh..okay, has he called his brother(who is also his roommate)? Yeah, he's away on work until tomorrow evening..and he goes back into work himself in the morning. Do I have any experience breaking in door?.. Yes. Yes I do.
Picking locks - no. Just heaving my bulk into solid objects and expecting them to move instead of stopping me? Absolutely.
So.. I broke his door in.
Bad news = I tore the frame apart.
Good news = He had only locked the knob, not his deadbolt, so he could still lock the door.

So, after busting his door in, I came back down, put my boots on (instead of being barefoot), grabbed my toolbox (which is woefully under-supplied.. donations are welcome hehahahehah ^_^ ) and went back upstairs to do what I could with limited resources to patch the frame back together.

So.. helping sea turtles get into the ocean instead of letting them get there themselves (apparently) = bad?
Breaking in my neighbour's door so he isn't locked out of his own home for what would be 2 days = good?

Whatever. It was fun enough for me. ^_^

I did say yesterday about a double-post.. so..
If any of you read the webcomic No Reason  then you're probably wondering, as I am, what the heck a "Flondark" is.
For some reason.. in my mind.. it's something of general cute-looking-nature..that's actually vicious.
So I doodled some quick ideas up..and then some other critter crawled into my brain.

As for the images below.. yeah, not sure what they or where they come from..
This one's done in watercolour...(10 layers, dropped to the canvas, 1 colour per layer, see if you can guess all the colours).soo..yeah.. you see how that turned out. I really hate how some things (usually watercolour) doesn't like to get saved as a layer, or even 'dropped' when saved as a jpeg.

I'm playing a poker tourny right now.. and we went on break.. So when I checked how much time was left, there was 2 minutes. So I started a new piece, really quick.. and here we have a 2-minute charcoal horse sketch.

And this is.. just some more of that random airbrush stuff I do.
And yes, I'm still playing poker while airbrushing this. It's one of those things I'm trying to get myself used to - being distracted every few moments, but still being creative.



Sunday, November 21, 2010


I am just getting in now (11:36pm) real chance to work on anything and I don't have anything I can dredge up that I did a while ago that would suffice for tonight.

So, double-post tomorrow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marvel Madness

So.. okay, I've been out and about today.. and nothing got drawn, painted, sketched or doodled.
I know, I know, how horrible of me. No tablet-access, and no digital camera to get anything I could've sketched out done.

Remember those #MrvlCats that were done a while ago, and took twitter by storm for a few days?

Well, here's a Marvel Villain redone a lil bit.. not a MrvlCat.. a MrvlPenguin..

Pengito.. the Mutant Master of Mackerlism!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Some things bug me.. and they're really stupid things, in the grand scheme of life.

Fallout 3 is a really enjoyable game. It is. But it's not Fallout `Three`. It's Fallout: Washington(or Fallout: East Coast). It doesn't really follow any of the previous Fallout game's storyline or continuity.
Sure, they brought in Harold.. weird that Harold would've made the trek so far east, considering that most of the mid-west is supposed to be a giant radioactive dustbowl full of storms that'll strip cattle to the bone in seconds.

Fallout:New Vegas is really, to me, Fallout Three. It follows much of the same storyline, is close enough to California, holds most of the same clans and factions and issues as Fallout and Fallout 2.. granted, the game's buggy as all get out and should NOT have been released with such issues still at large...but it's an enjoyable game.

To me, Fallout 3 belongs in the realm of Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.. it's in the same vein of Fallout, uses many of the lore and factions...but it's not the same thing. (FO:BoS takes place in the Michigan/Illinois\Great Lakes area.. so it's a bit west of FO3, but still). I don't think anyone in their right mind considers Fallout:Brotherhood of Steel to be anything remotely close to a true Fallout game (this abortion of enjoyment is a console button-mash/hack&slash game)

Say what you will.. to me, New Vegas is the true Fallout Three.. and Fallout 3 is more Fallout:East Coast.
But they're both greatly enjoyable games.. if you haven't played them yet.. go play them. But find Fallout & Fallout 2 and play them.. if you can. You'll need an older computer (pre-pentiumIII\gigahertz processor) to play them.. but they're worth playing.

So.. a quick paint-up of one of the NCR's New Vegas Rangers:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The what?

Sometimes life really throws you curve-balls that hit another country altogether. Forget county, province, state, whatever.. country. (though, it might not be so hard in the European Union..but still)

Well, time will show everything, eventually.. though the people involved will probably be long dead and the only ones interested in what happened will be archaelogists who make up their own theories and stories.

So... let's see if we can wait-out the oddness that happened today. And no, I'm not going to share until I know it's a good thing. ..if it's a bad thing.. do you really want to know?
Here's some free advice: If you want to know about bad things that happen to strangers, watch the evening news or read the paper.
Gonna try and focus on the positive.

So.. here's some more oddness for you.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They wouldn't have survived The Occupation

Have you ever been angry with someone, so angry you just want them dead, because dead means they'll NEVER bever able to bother you again? I am that angry with my neighbours.

See, I like peace and quiet. Not the noise of domestsic disputes, not the noise of some undisciplined kid running about and screeching for 16 hours(16hours on a good day). My neighbours above me play video games. It can get loud sometimes, and when it gets loud, I let them know, and they're good enough to turn it down. They understand what peace & quiet can mean. My other neighbours... don't know what `quiet` means, it seems. If they were in Anne Frank's situation, they'd've died a thousand times over by now.
What I really don't understand is how this is a recent thing. The first few months were nice and quiet and no major issues... but a couple months ago, it seems someone implanted StupidityNoiseChips in these people's heads.

So add this constant aggrevation to having to deal with people from the past coming to try and haunt you, in addition to the general annoyances of daily life we all(well, most of us anyhow) have to deal with, and that's where I'm at right now.

Not as much work done today as I would have liked, but then, given I get only a handful(if that) of hours of sleep, my day's been very slow.
To add to the growing list of frustrating things.. a friend suggested I try just painting-from-life.. take an object, put it by/under/around a single light-source and paint it.
.....No single-light-source to be found. Apparently, I've lost a lamp somewhere.

Understanding that the way this place is setup helps:  1 outlet per room, except for 3 in the kitchen(technically 5 as the stove/fridge each have one). Outlets are located in the most strategically useless place in room. For example.. my living room has it's only outlet about 16inches from the hot-water-radiant-heater while the service jacks (phone, tv, etc) are in the complete opposite corner of the room.

So, the geniuses who built the place, have it set so that light from any room except the parallel bedrooms will penetrate every other room. SO.. hoping to find my lamp to overcome the ambient light from other rooms & windows... didn't happen.
Today Sucks.
So here's a couple images.

Vegetation seems to have really just crept into my painting today.. the vegemonster above, and the grassland spirits below.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There will be a couple of posts tomorrow, but there won't be anything tonight.

While I *can* work with distractions, today's been more of a general drain on my everything than normal.. I almost had a nap a few hours ago..and naps are rare. Hehn, more than a few hours' sleep is rare.
Tomorrow is an all-out art there'll be some posts from the various creations.

But tonight.. tonight is rest(hopefully) with some relaxation(needed) added in.

Sorry folks.. no man's battery runs forever.
To tide you over, here's some temporary body-art I did on a friend who let me test out a set of markers.
Fat-tip markers bought from a hobbyshop for general experimentation with.
They washed right off afterwards.. half of it came off with dry papertowel.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Theme shift

So yeah.. this'll be the last pinup-attempt or landscape for a while.
Going to start attempting some simple things and see how close I can get to making them bang-on.
You know, basic art stuff, like putting an apple under a lamp and trying to pencil sketch it out so it looks like a really good pencil sketch of an apple. That kinda stuff.

Yeah, it won't be anything real exciting or anything, but ti will be great practice for me.

So.. for now, it's curtains for you, pin-up girl attemps and landscape sceneries.

I keep thinking I should have put a wall-sconce behind and to the upper-right of the couch.
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