Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today was another day.. glad it's over.
I've been playing Dante's Inferno.. frustrating game, but at least if you die, you start relatively close to where you died at.. or, if it's a bit of a trek, you know you're close to another save point.
Still.. the game plays ...well, you're better off watching someone play it. The artwork is something else, the music if horribly fitting, and the creatures.. well, some of them are downright disturbing, so the makers did a good job of creating someone's personal hell. And then I had the thought that.. this game is designed to frustrate you.. they made it like it's hell to play it. Apt, so I thought, and good on them, the makers of the game.

Then I realised time was slipping away from me, and I had to get something drawn. It's 11:59 and this post'll be counted as tomorrow, instead of the 8th of September.
Wondered what I'd try to do.. then it hit me : cute ninjas.
Well, let's try something like that.. so here it is.

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