Saturday, September 4, 2010

Catching up

Yeah, so I think this (being technically a second post in one day) is getting me caught up for having a late post the other day.

While I'm still working on a few images, it's nice to have some things I can pull out (when I remember them) and use.

The following image is a 3d-render of McPedro from Girls with Slingshots. Girls with Slingshots is a webcomic done by the talented Danielle Corsetto. While the comic is generally safe-for-work (i.e., has clean humour, usually) it does deal with adult situations and relationships.
Some of the ads on the site (hey, the girl's gotta make money, right?) are definately not safe-for-work [NSFW]. 
I created this image using CB Model Pro - a free 3d rendering program, and it's fairly intuitive, almost like working with clay or plastecine. Unfortunately, it's quite a resource-pig (on my laptop, at least, and I'm using an intel 2.0ghz duo-core, a 256Mb video card with an additional 1gig of available video, and 2Gb of ram)
I made the dirt in the pot in all of about 45 seconds. Like I said, the program is quite intuitive. A few revisions and CB Model Pro could easily give Maya/3DS Max a run for simple rendering tasks.

We don't often see McPedro anymore.. but there's been hints of a comeback. Huzzah for talking irish-cacti, with mustaches!

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