Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cult of the Geek

So, yeah. Apparently, `geek` is `chic`.. nerd is the word, and a dork is.. still dorky.
While it's nice to see geek-stuff being accepted into the mainstream, there's a slew of people deriding this, claiming that to be a geek was always to be on the outer-fringe of societal norms and whine whine whine, blah blah blah. I got news for you guys - you're totally, completely, and utterly wrong.
Stop trying to be `better than` and all elitist and generally just exclusionary. The whining is starting to lump you into the Emo category.

If geek/nerd stuff was always on the fringe.. it wouldn't have been sustained for the decades it was, let alone be brought into the mainstream social view. That's the short version of the arguement. Things like star trek, star wars, trading card games, dungeons&dragons, role-playing games and book publishers like Palladium wouldn't have thrived. There wouldn't be enough demand for the product to keep the companies afloat.

But seeing as how there's been the Sub-culture (which are not fringe-elements, they simply exist below the generally-known-(and thus exploited)-social-radar..and I would think glad about it). You've got Trekkies, Star Wars fans, GadgetGeeks, Indie-Music-boys and all sorts of other `groups` that can all conglomerate under the banner of `Geek`. It's almost like a bunch of little cults with side-interests that overlap enough that they can all get along. ...except the Star Trek/Wars guys.. they seem to have some serious blood-feud stuff going on - just kidding.

So.. because I couldn't mix Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Sisko and ...Scott Bakula... into one amorphous `Captain` least, not to my liking... I went with this instead.
Something `cult`.. something `geek`.
I give you..

Darth Cthulhu.
(about to sacrifice R2D2)


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