Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Bizarre, completely misunderstood things. Self-professed and proclaimed-by-peer `professionals` claim to know the secret of dreams. I also have some prime real estate in Florida to sell you, too. (that would be sarcasm).

Dreams are often claimed to be the subconcious mind working out problems and issues the brain's been struggling with during the day. It's also claimed that everybody dreams, every night, and that you just don't remember them. I've got another shock for that crowd - I remember ALL my dreams..and there are plenty of nights where I simply don't dream. I close my eyes, time goes by, I open my eyes. "Oh, you didn't enter r.e.m.-sleep" I'm told. Well, if everything else I've been told is true.. then yes, I have..and I still don't dream. I can remember my dreams back to my wee childhood.. it's a bizarre thing, but I remember all of my dreams, when I dream. Sometimes it's very detailed.. other times it's simply a hazy `I had a dream` thing, which has some detail, but is mostly an amorphous furry blob of imagery.

I had a weird dream last night.. and seeing as yesterday's post was pain/frustration/anger.. today's will be about dream. Using mostly watercolours ..hope it comes across well.


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