Monday, September 27, 2010

An early post!

Yes, it's a minor-miracle.. posting early, before the 11th hour and all that.

Sat around after talking with people who might actually finally have solutions for a 3-month conflict.. hoping things turn out for the happy-happy for all parties involved.

Wasn't sure what to draw.. started re-sketching something that inspired me from a game called Doom Troopers for the ol' SNES. Man, that game was guns and gore, reeeeeaaaaallllllllllly big on storyline(not) and a lot of fun. Come to think of it.. the thing I sketched is a mix of one of the heroes of that game, and from a Palladium book called Wormwood. Oh, nostalgia of my youth.. ah well.

The image below has nothing to do with any of it.
Here's lookin at you, Makenna.

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