Monday, September 20, 2010

Last of the #MrvlCats ?

Okay... I think I'm done doing MrvlCats for now.

Once upon a time, Marvel published G.I.Joe comics.
Almost everybody and their `special` cousin Goober loves Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow.

So.. today we've got Stormkitty and Kitten-Eyes.
I put some blind faith in the Copic Ciao markers to colour this : only had 12 colours to work with, as well as my grey (c3) and black(100) Copic Sketcher markers. I am much-love-having for the Sketch markers.. they `layer` or `shade` better than the Ciao markers do. This was done on Bee Paper Company's  Artists's Marker Pad..and surprisingly, they did the Ciao's a good deal of wonder, with some potential for layer/shading overtop a dried line. On regular paper, the Ciao's just remain single-colour, no layering/shading available.

I could've done this in photoshop.. but there's something about working on paper..with something you can't erase.. that just.. it's like playing poker for money, instead of just for fun. It brings out your teeth, you *have* to do better than normal, because now it counts, if that makes sense.
For the nitpicky, yes, there's some marker overlap, and you can see the strokes, they're not overly even. How I wish I had a paint-bucket tool for real-life sometimes. 8P
I'd love to get ahold of this Manga Studio thing I'm hearing about - basically a photoshop for artists. (Photoshop is.. duh.. for photos, afterall.. people just use it for more)


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