Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy, what does ______ mean?

Okay, so while I have this blog set to be available for anyone, safe-for-work, and that it wouldn't warp(too much) your wee child's mentality.. I am an adult, and will deal with adult-natured things.
The way I'll deal with them, I hope, is with humour - be it twisted a bit, or mayhaps dark, but humour nonetheless. This may, if your children wind up reading this blog, wind up having them ask you questions like `Mommy.. what does "asinine" mean?` or `Daddy, what's a Bondage Squid??`

I attended Fan Expo this year. Before that, I had had an interview with a company looking for graphic-novel artists. While I didn't get that job, my portfolio did spark my viability for some other projects the company is doing. The fellow had dropped a name of someone I knew I asked that person to call me, and asked about the interviewer : the person I was speaking with had mentioned - never names, just experiences - some bad work they had endured, so when the interviewer claimed to have worked with this threw up a flag in my mind. As it turns out, praises were sung of the interviewer. So while I didn't get the job, should I have a chance to work with them in the future, yes, I'll jump at it.

Now, today's image - came about from part of the conversation I had with the fellow I asked to call me. As with anyone who has a sense of humour, and the general nature of art and people, some things were passed over in chat..and I wound up making this fellow, whom I got to see at Fan Expo, a few items. A leather-bound-plushie batarang, which took my 8 hours to mark, cut, stuff, hand-stitch and paint. I found through previous experiment, that acrylic paint will take to leather quite well, if applied thinly. One of the items..I ran out of enough materials to finish it became something else : The Bondage Squid (Says"Relax!"). I also made an Angry Blob for a fellow artist who is a bit of a mentor-from-afar to me.
Today's image contains both of those creations - I kick myself for not taking photos of them when they were done being crafted.

The image was painted in Corel Painter Essentials 4, with a mix of thick paint, thin paint, airbrush and watercolour. The background is watercolour. The spray behind Angry Blob is airbrushed, then smoothed over.


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