Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday the 5th

So, after trying my hand at the digital painting program called Corel Painter Essentials 4 ....once again I find myself being better at the task with the real-world counterparts of a computer program.
I don't know.. maybe I'm just out of practice (very likely)..or maybe it just doesn't look real... like actual paint... but there's something about it just throws me off.

So, instead of a painting, even something simple and goobish like a smiley-face... you get some pencil-on-paper work, well, a photo of-, anyhow. This image is also part of my portfolio, and is a few years old.

I got the idea at work one night during a lull...of course, once I started, customers started to come in. I had finished stocking the cooler and wondered why there weren't more `adult beverages` of the tasty nature of the thing. I also thought..if it was ever'd either be Scotland that does it, or, in North America, probably Texas. Gotta love Texas. Anyhow.. enjoy!

Once again, if you notice someone using these images, please let me know.

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