Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, I figured I hadn't dabbled in Maya 3D for a while..and I've only got the free version of it, so the images are stuck with that super-annoying "watermark"..except it's not a watermark, it's a freakin stamp. Watermarks are more transluscent than this thing.

Swords should be relatively easy to make, no more than say 15 minutes to whip one off. It's taken me about an hour, hour and a half, to regain my bearings and relearn the keyboard shortcuts for some things.
There's still plenty I don't know, or remember.. but playing with light, shadow, light sources, and the various 'skins' you can slap on something are fun to play with.

I didn't make exactly what I want.. but I also have no real reason to work with the program more than I have already. It's a nifty program, and I may wind up dragging out my textbook on the thing and going through some of the exercises should I find myself a) bored enough and 2) in need of actually refreshing my skills-proper in the program.(read: have potential offer of employment that requires using it)

So, here's a single sword, with one light-source that lightly coloured. The blade is coloured, let's seeif you can accurately guess the colour of it. The hilt/handle are the same, and easily discernable.


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