Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So, here's an attempt at a semi-caricature, semi-portrait of Lar deSouza, one of my artistic heroes.
The man's a freakin giant of talent when it comes to doing caricatures, and twice as good when it comes to pin-up gals that are sexy, not erotic or sensual, but just sexy : there's feminine appeal, but it's not gonna help you get your rocks off, because it oozes art, not sensuality or ..well, I'm not sure how to put other than `that porn effect`. It's almost like Lar tries to make the girls he draws adorable, feminine, and attractive - but not some kind of sex-pot or something people would jump to Rule-34-ifize. Or any of those other perverse and stupid "Rule"'s.  I may have gotten the number wrong, but generally, the "rule" is  that: If it exists, someone has made a porn version of it. ...... and that's just bloody sad. And disturbing.

Anyhow.. I'm not so good at the caricature thing yet.. probably because I don't exaggerate enough, though there's other things I don't do well enough to boot. I wasn't quite sure what do for a background..and while Dan Simon tells me not to rely on the stock brushes and patterns that come with various programs (and good advice that is, indeed), I decided to go with the stars.. because Lar's a star, to me anyhow.


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