Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is it about Ninjas?

"I'm so ninja, I snuck up on myself"
And other things I've said. I even submitted the above saying to Threadless Tees.

What is it about ninjas? ..Ninjas..pirates.. zombies.. to a lesser degree, vikings and cowboys.
Something about these things have captured a fanbase that writers, artists, musicians and hollywood producers envy.

Yesterday was an attempt (and, I didn't get the cute-factor I was hoping to attain) at making cute-ninjas..
today was spending an hour with a beta-program called CB Model Pro. A few extra options added to it and you could easily make some really nice things. I hope the makers of the program do well with it.

The painting has a few options in it, which.. you know, for a free beta program, I shouldn't complain. But there's a number of things that could really make this program a contender to fight against 3DSMax and Maya3d as 3D rendering programs.

The below image was slapped together in about an hour and a half. The background is more for contrast than anything else. It's a mix of some contrasting colours, done in paint, then spray, overlapping and repeating (paint, spray, paint, spray, paint, spray, paint).
I really do need to improve my backgrounding skills in general. I could've done a field of grass, but I just wanted to be done with this. Perhaps I'll come back to it and do up that field of grass at a later date.

Anyhow.. one dead (or severely wounded) 3D rendered ninja.

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