Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm a light sleeper unless I'm really exhausted.
So, yeah.. with 2 neighbours who have small children that screech instead of talk, stomp instead of walk, run instead of move.. I don't get a whole lot of sleep. Include a call last night around 12-12:30 to see if I would drive people out to the other end of the next nearest city so they can go to work instead of the man doing it himself, and earning himself another reprimand on his record because of tardiness (seriously, just make them take the train already.. but I'm being reasonably-cranky here)..I said I'd do it.

Now.. I normally don't fall asleep until around 1 or 2.. it's bad. I can go to bed at any time.. but I'll just be awake. Finally fell asleep around 2:30, only to wake up at 3, because I had to be up for 1/4 to 6. Stupid internal alarmclock..I'm sending you back to the manufacturer! Hope it's still under warranty, otherwise I'll have to MacGuyver it.

So..yeah.. I'm pretty whipped.. and while I could draw something up and post it..I'm not going to. Instead I'm going to post an emblem design I had submitted for a contest, the idea was to use only 2 colours, and make a simple design that could be a hero or villain's emblem. Something for a shield, a chest, a cape or flag, something like that. Nothing too intricate. Where you see white would be transluscent.
So I went with something really simple. I didn't win - I also submitted it 3 minutes past the deadline without realizing it. Took me all of about 5 minutes to make this in Illustrator. Gotta love vector-art.

Something fresh and new tomorrow.

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