Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Workin' it!

I did some crunching last night. numbers, not hard-candies..though the candies would have been a galaxy of sweetness by comparison.

I quit a full-time, go-nowhere, slacker's dream of a job to go back to school.
Three months before I graduated, I started looking for full-time work. Six months before I graduated, I began looking for part-time work. In the 15 months since I've graduated, I've had 9 face-to-face interviews, 2 phone calls, and approximately 8 emails from Workopolis saying they've got a great part-time job for me, with a company from the U.K that wants access to my Royal Bank account, so I can make 10% commissions on the total-sum of whatever payment-cheques I process. ..Uhm.. yeah, no.
I graduated approximately 3 months into the `economic downturn` that supposedly `we're recovered from`. That's BS, and you can bank on it. Economic downturn nothing, we were a breath away from another Great Depression..but don't tell the public that, they'll freak out. Because, you know, the masses can't handle the truth, apparently. Anyhow.. Here I am, college diploma, professional certification, work experience-but not in the diploma-related-field... and, nothing. That wonderful `economic downturn` helped nudge 2 of the vital industries in the city to shut down further than they were going to at the time. That put approximately 30,000 people with more work-related-experience than me into the market. Now who would you hire? The guy fresh from school, or the person with 25 years' experience?

So anyhow.. I did some recollections and number-crunching..and I've averaged about 1 interview, be it in-person or over the phone, per month that I've been unemployed since I graduated.
Now.. to me, that's terrible. It also occurs to me that.. it's pretty good, considering how things are, where they've been and the general cowardice of companies when the economy dives. Now THAT is something I don't understand. With a diploma in Accounting, it boggles me even further.
The economy dives.. prices *seem* higher, but they really drop. It's time for the smart company owners, IF they can(magic word, IF), to sharpen their horns, and expand. Aggressive expansion if they can. While everyone else is hiding in the corner, hoarding their chips.. raise the bet and strike while none other dare to.
'He who dares, wins' is often the (mis)quoted slogan of the British Air Force. But when things get hoary (it's not a bad word, go to dictionary.com and look it up), people huddle together, afraid to act.
Starting to rant here..

That pin-up attempt that I posted before..  I know where I went wrong with it - from my perspective. I sent it to someone i consider a mentor, and they gave amazingly constructive and uplifting 'criticism', pointing out some things I hadn't noticed that need some work. I asked if he'd mind if I tried it once more and sent it back for more critique, to which I was quoted some Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder version), which made my day. Basically, he told me: Don't do it once more.. do it a thousand times more. Do it until you get it right, refining it every step of the way. For every one good (good, not great) drawing, there a thousand really bad ones. (Ergo, for every great drawing, there's a thousand good ones... which means there's at least ten-thousand really bad ones for ever great one)

I think it was the blog-of-note today ...if it's not blog of note today, I stumbled across it then http://stuffnoonetoldme.blogspot.com/  Go there, and scroll down to #43. It's so true. I don't know how many people, myself included, have demands of themselves to be good at something right off the bat.
I know I do. I know I get frustrated as all get-out when I try to do something I've done before and suddenly can't do it.
I haven't drawn in about 14 years..and recetly took it up again. I expect myself to be better than I am, because I've seen technique, I've seen some great art.. and I try to emulate it.
But you HAVE to work it. Work it work it work it. Wipe the sweat off and work it some more. Work it 'til it hurts, and work through the pain.
Pain of unemployment. Pain of unattained goals. Pain of dreams gone down the toilet. Pain of lost loves, lost family, lost friends. Pain of betrayals, unmet expectations.
The pain of life.
And keep working through it.

So, below is a sample of some digital `pain`. There was no real direction, other than to try and vent some frustrations of the last 15 months agony-of-life, in strokes, jitters and stylus flicks.

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