Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Works in Progress

Supposedly, there are a couple of types of people.. one set start something, finish it, start something else - not interrupting the project they're currently working on. The other set, starts multiple projects, finishing one of the many on-the-go long after it would normally have been finished if it was the sole-focus of the person.

Which one are you?
I seem to flip flop between the two. For example, the below image is something I'm working on, but plan on working on slowly.. a bit here, a bit there..I may even wind up finishing it under Corel Painter Essentials, though I'm not sure if I'm where I want to be, skill-wise, with that program to do what's in my head justice.

I've been playing Red Dead Revolver for a while..and while drawing, or napping when I take them, listening to the audio-book of Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Both have at least one thing in common : a Clint Eastwood-esque protagonist.

So, below is the rough outline of something I plan on finishing, bit by bit, over the next few months.
Two sasparillas, and a popkin, please.

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