Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah, it's an art alright

Stripping. It's an `adult` thing alright.
Burlesque.. lots of folks figure it's the same thing. It's not. Those people are wrong.
Burlesque is an art.. dance, tease and movement. I've never seen a stripper (and I've not seen many, mind you) have nearly as much fun as some of the performers I've seen in a burlesque show. (and I've not seen many of them either, mind you).

A step-down from those are the Pin-Up girls. Today's `pin ups` are basically a half-step away from soft-core porn, and that's a freakin shame. I really miss the days of the World War 2 -era-style Pin Up. The girls you'd see painted on bombers and other large sky-planes.

Today's an attempt at a pin-up. I've never done one.. drawing women is hard for me. I can do monsters, men, machines.. all hard-line objects. Women, babies, children, animals.. soft-line objects. Something I keep working on, and will probably never be happy with, no matter what anyone says.
Also playing with `must use more layers`
Almost every thing is on it's own layer. Lines on one, skin tone on another, tanktop & short-shorts on another, hair on it's own, etc etc.
Speaking of hair.. I decided, not sure why.. to go with the 80's Huge-Poof.


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