Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another double-post

Double posts will happen for a couple reasons, the main two being that I'm out being sociable, or that I've got more work that I want to share and don't want to wait for the next day to roll around.

Yesterday was some kind of sociable. Met a couple new people, drank some, drank some, drank some, ate some, drank some more..played rockband2. I wouldn't call it `good` conversation, but it was full of laughter and better than average, I suppose. I don't like to call things `good` when I think about them. Not much of anything is really `good`. And yet, like the mass populace, I use it too often, too liberally and far too generously. Much like `love` and `hate`.. used for things that don't even come into the same time-zone as what those words truly mean.. "I love a good steak" is an example of using those words with a truckload of hyperbole. I like a well-cooked steak. But I don't love it.

First image:
Playing around with some halloween ideas.. more to come as the day rolls closer, and the radio and billboards and other media start advertising their one-day-wares.

And the next one..well, I decided to start messing around in Adobe Illustrator.. I wanted to make some vector-art halloween cookies.. and figured I'd save that for something closer to the end of the month.
So.. this is what I made instead. Not entirely certain what it is.. but I like it.


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