Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Countdown on!!
But which countdown?
American Thanksgiving(in November? Canada had ours earlier in October)
Christmas? - wait, too early for that. Unfortunately, the stores and radio stations'll be blaring that stuff what.. a week into November if we're lucky??

No, the countdown is on for these contest submissions I'm doing.
I decided that unless I want to *win* the contest, I'll use the theme to help fuel my creative malais I seem to be in, and just post the work here.

There's one right now, theme of `afro`.. and I want to get in on it, but I'd rather do the work for my own enjoyment, and not try to win anything. In my head I keep seeing the silhouette of Afro Samurai..and the last thing I want to do is start creating something with such a clear image of someone else's work in my head. That my friends, is the way to plagiarism, and it is frought with Darth Vader, Magneto and whoever Kirk/Picard always hated\fought with. It's just a bad scene altogether. There's enough outright theft of other people's art online and in the real world already.. so yeah, if you can avoid the pitfall by seeing it beforehand, then you're a step & short bus ride ahead of the game.

Not quite what the below image is based off of. A number of sources, you could say.
Han Solo frozen in carbonite. William T. Riker trapped inside that tar-creature of the early ST:NG episodes, some random zombie walking through those big plastic hanging sheets that some factories use instead of doors.. granted, the thought in my head was something more akin to Swamp Thing trapped under a pool-cover, although, not quite Swamp Thing.. but definately something undead(hence the vacant eye sockets).

How is that different than what I've mentioned above about plagiarism? Well.. plagiarism is drawing heavily from one or two sources.. but when you pull bits & pieces from many sources, with the aim to help whatever it is you're doing (art, thesis, writing, whatever), then it's reference. Or something like that. I don't have all the legal mumbojumbo about it memorized, but it's close enough to count, I think.

I think the thing that got me the most was how I used basically 2 colours.. blended together in varying levels, to do this.

[ Edit: Apparently `2 hours` really means `3 hours plus` for maintenance. I'll try uploading the image closer to my self-imposed midnight deadline]

[Edit-Edit = posting at almost 1am.overshot that midnight thing, huhn?]

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