Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creature Comforts

Supposedly, having a pet in your life helps reduce stress, make you more resilient to diseases, likable and even live longer. Or so they say.
And whoever `They` are.. are usually full of manure with the junk they've spewed out as `scientific fact` over the last 15 years.
But this one.. there might be some truth to it.
Most people love a cuddly critter that's loyal and adores them (puppies)..or generally takes care of itself, more or less so you can still live your life without being `A Pet Owner` (cats).
I'm not ignoring you fish, bird, turtle, rabbit, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum animal lovers either, just hitting the big two right off the hop.

There's been something weird going on lately. My roommate was offered a cat from a coworker at work a couple months back. I'm a dog person.. she's just an animal person, by and by.  I told her if she can find room for a litter box, fine, get a kitten. KITTEN. No cats. Cats are like me.. set in their ways, and not easy to break from their habits. Where we differ is I'll dunk your head in the toilet if you spray me with a water bottle, while a cat will usually run away. 

Ah, kittens. Kittens can be trained. Not as well as puppies, but with persistence, they can be trained. According to Them(friend of They, it seems), cats understand roughly half the commands a dog can. I figure cats just don't give a crap and ignore them.

We had been talking for a couple weeks about getting a kitten maybe, and then my roommate's aunt's cat just had a litter of kittens.
As my roommate was getting ready to go to work a week or so ago..and she heard some meowing from outside our door. I get a text later on asking if I've been feeding a neighbourhood cat.
I feed me. I feed my pets - when I have them. I feed friends & occasionally strangers - of the human variety only. I do not feed neigbourhood critters, except perhaps airsoft ammunition if they're really annoying (like raccoons in the garbage).

Maybe it's a sign.. maybe it's just coincidence.

But there's something nice about being snuggled into by a furry-friend while watching a movie or drifting into dreamland.

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