Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day in... out. Same old same old and it gets worse a little more with each day.

You'd think with all my `free time`(you know, looking for a job, applying to various places, making phone calls and sending emails), I'd be more productive.. re-teach myself from my textbooks how to program, make actionscript work so I can make Flash-games and spend some time with my bass, amp-cranked-to-eleven-bay-bee!.. but no.

Being unemployed is oddly taxing on your energy, drive and general will to just wake up before noon. (I still wake up before noon, save for the weekend sometimes)

Maybe I could spend more time on my art, instead of whipping stuff off in less than 2 hours from blank-slate-mind to thought-forming-ideas to `finished` pieces. Maybe I could take up jogging. Maybe I could..
No. I like routine.. not mind-numbing routine, but routine. Lets me plan around it. There's a reason kids need structure..and people crave a routine of some sort. They have a goal to drive towards, unwind when it's time, and repeat. Having little but time to unwind.. `work` at acquiring work.. isn't like a job.. it's like some kind of weird prison-sentence.

Okay.. enough rambling for now. Picture time!

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