Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I'll stop using contest ideas to post here and post other things that I've created.
But for now, it's contest entries.

On a different note : Very few things, children aside, make me madder than hell in an immediate fashion than things not working how they're described to work.
I pre-ordered Fallout: New Vegas from Gamestop so I could get the free download Classic Vault 13 pack.. which you're supposed to get at the start of the game.
Picked the game up today. Had the game do it's install procedures (5gig, wow. And still regular load times, this thing is HUGE) Downloaded the pack. Installed the pack. Started a new guy.
Typical Vault 21 jumpsuit, 9mm pistol. (standard starting gear).
That's supposed to be a Vault 13 jumpsuit, Vault 13 water canteen, 10mm pistol with some extra mmph! added to it.(pre-order bonus starting gear).

Okay.. I thought maybe I'd have to do some tutorial missions, then I'd get my pre-order bonus gear.
No. Okay, maybe if I try it on hardcore mode, where that canteen really comes in handy??... No.
Okay, now I'm feeling like my built-up anticipation has been wasted, and I've been lied to, and that the whole thing was bullshit hype just to get a bunch of pre-order sales driven up.
Wanted to buy the Collector's Edition. Was told the store had reached it's limit. Their limit was NINE ( 9 ) CE's. NINE. What kinda shit is this!? Hellz yeah I'm pissed now. This is a game that will sell millions in Canada & the U.S. alone, forget worldwide. Is this the N64 `only X-amount will ever be made` BS frenzy again? Seems so. Except, no, those CE's are done and gone now. Great. And no, I'm not going to look on ebay.

So, yeah.. frustrated. Still enjoying the game, but feeling like I got cheated out ...feeling? knowing I got cheated out of what's been promised .. takes away from it a fair bit.

You Cubicle-Monkeys can probably empathize with the image below.

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