Sunday, October 31, 2010


Double post today.
I could do more if I wanted to sit here all day drawing/painting. And as tempting as that is, no, I don't want to.

Mostly because my laptop is on a small end-table at the end of my bed, and I use the drawer to balance my tablet (Wacom Bamboo fun+) on while I draw/paint. After a while my lowerback hurts like all getout and I just have to get up and more around. If I had a proper table to draw on, with a comfy-enough chair, I could do this all day, sure. But I don't, and I'm just not up for destroying my lowerback before I'm 40. I've done enough to my body the last 3 decades, I kinda of want it to last another few years at the very least.
And by `last`, I mean, I want it to do what I want it to do, when I want it to do it. Not fight me to move, bend, curl, straighten or otherwise do what it oughta.

This is a mostly-mummified, slightly-frankensteined flower girl:

and this, of course, if you run of the mill wolfman.

Eventually, I'm going to be able to get the same degree of detail out of my tablet that I can with a pen & paper.. but that might be years off. Simply because I can't afford the newest gadgetry & programs that comes hey, all you high & mighty employers take the frickin hint!! Self-employed/unemployed artists cannot afford to be as familiar and professional with the newest art programs that you demand they be, unless you don't mind hiring software-pirates - which if course they would, because if you'll steal from someone else's resources, you'll steal from their resources..ahhh, logic.

It really pisses me off that companies just expect you to be familiar with programs that are either now-considered-archaic (Photoshop 2.. not CS2.. photoshop 2.0 ... I kid you not, I lost a contract because I failed the company's test on PS2.0 (64% is a fail, apparently - I thought it was good for not knowing the version of the program).. I'm used to the CS3 version, with all it's bells & whistles. I should've asked them to test me with current software) or to be a wizard with the released-yesterday-program.. I was in an interview, and asked how familiar I am with CS5. I said not at all, but I know CS3, because it was a)given to me and 2) I can't afford the thousands of dollars for the new program.
The interviewer sympathized with the not being able to afford the latest, greatest techno-toy..but still wants someone who knows it inside&out.

Lucky me, I can learn just about any program quickly when properly motivated...and money just happens to be one of those motivators.

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