Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here be Dragons

Okay.. I had an idea earlier of what I wanted to paint.. and then I forgot it when I sat down to paint.
All this is, is a reinforcement that I have to start writing down thoughts and ideas to create.
I know it had something to do with trying more pinup forms..but that's about it.

So instead.. I did this.
Curled up, trying to sleep.. but sleeping with one eye open, as dragons must. It's those pesky, lousy, verminous `heroes`...always trying to free some supposed captured maiden, or loot their hard-earned hoard.
Who's to say the maiden didn't choose to be with the dragon? We all know some girl who has a very silly/soft spot for the `bad boy`..and what's badder than a dragon you're annoying.. really?

Anyhow.. here's one simple curled up dragon. Watching you.

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