Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've never really liked people. Being around them, listening to them, generally enduring them. I just don't like people.
Individuals, however.. are another story. Here's the difference : Individuals are people, one on one, or very small groups (less than 4). You can get to know them. You can even like them sometimes.
People? no chance. Go to a sports event, movie, or just walk downtown. Full of people. Noisy, self-absorbed, very very human... people. `Mob mentality` is something that occurs when people are gathered and decide to get really stupid.

However, `no man is an island`..and social interactions are a must..and so I missed yesterday's post completely. This whole missing a day on weekends is really starting to bother me.

Anyhow.. here's the missed post, and today's while I'm at it.
These are both entries.. well, this one anyhow, for sketch-o-daily competitions. This is one is for the topic `hats`.

This one is for the weekend-contest `suicide bomber`.. except it closed a day early, so it didn't get submitted.

I have to admit, I like the Sketch-o-daily me something to aim towards if I don't have anything I want to draw/paint/create for the blog.

As I've stated before Sketch-o-daily is associated with Schoolism.. not sure what it is? Check it out, it's pretty good. (think online art school, only not skeevy or anything like that) ..and if you sign up, do me a favour and click here: : so I can get the referral. Thanks!

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