Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's post

is yet another contest-entry over on <a href=""></a>.

The theme was `bump`. I could've come up with some other things.. and then it occured to me.. what if it's a bump we all have to deal with, never want, but obsess over? We all gets bumps & bruises.. but we don't obsess over them.... well, most of us anyhow.

So.. here's what we have.
Little more than an hour.
Keeping in mind the SketchOholic daily contests are designed to be done in an hour or less..or as long as it takes (inside 24hours, of course, they are daily) to finish the piece.
Think I'm getting quicker at going from what I've got in my head to getting the rough down.. and the roughs are becoming more accurate as I go.. of course, now that I've said(well, typed) that.. I'll probably hit a dry spell of frustration..but it'll go away as quickly as it comes, I'm sure.

I want to do more gradual colour blending.. but the human eye can only distinguish so much..and eventually it'd be hard to tell where it starts and stops being one colour or the next... which, in theory, is the ideal.. but to look at it.. doesn't always work out so well.

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