Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What can you do in 10 minutes?

You can bake some pre-made bread, eat an icecream cone, enjoy a mug tea, have sex twice (using average times of 4 minutes..including 2 minutes to cuddle-thanks for the stats, Harvard), watch the sun supernova and wait for it to incinerate the earth, check your email (but not really respond to any of it).. all sorts of interesting things.

What we got below is what I've done in 10 minutes while watching some episodes of House.
One of the great things abour drawing random critters is.. they can look however you want them to.
Sure, dude's got small ears and big sunglasses.. but maybe those aren't really the dude's (dudette?thing?) ears.. maybe they're really it's olfactory organs, and the `nose` is really it's eyes. Though that doesn't give the sunglasses much to do where they are now does it?

Kinda got an idea for that whole afro image I wanted to do.. getting some starter junk out of the way.
Remember.. for every 1 good picture, is 1000 horrible pictures. Get the 1000 out of the way and enjoy the 1.

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