Monday, October 4, 2010

When in doubt..

Go back to the `olde standard` way of doing things until you've fixed out your crooked ways and can shoot straight again.

The below is another attempt at a pinup-style girl. Back to some of the most very basic of art things to do. If this doesn't help me out, I'm not quite sure anything will. ...I know one thing that will help me improve : saving more often. Corel Painter Essentials 4 crashed on me when I was about 60-70% done. Frustrating.

Anyone else ever wishing they had a paintbucket-tool when they're colouring/painting on an actual canvas/piece of paper/etc ?

I will admit : the hands and feet kind of freak me out. They don't look `normal`..even though I was painting a real live girl. Ahh, the human body.. so wonderfully warped and from the right angles, completely un-human.
I'm reminded of a quote.. something about how it is in our differences, we find camraderie ...or something..

Anyhow.. enjoy!

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