Friday, October 22, 2010

Yanging the Yin

Two sides to every coin. Two sides to every story.
Black & White. Cat & Dog. Earth & Sky. Fire & Water.
Things that just go together... so.. man & woman.

Sure, these things all go together.. but they also tend to fight like crazy with each other, notice that?
There'll always be some exceptions to the rule (thinking of the stories about dogs & cats getting along.. thank you Bill Murray, the apocalypse is nigh. Who you gonna call?), but by and large.. these things go together.. opposites of each other, and when brought together... sometimes it works out okay.. and a lot of times all kinds of hell break loose.

I still want to do that afro-picture I had mentioned previously.. but until I can shake the AfroSamurai image from my head(and hand), I'm not going to try it. Fortunately, I've got another idea slowly coalescing.

But for now..

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