Monday, October 11, 2010

Zombies, baby

Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that I love zombies.
I once got into a pretty neat theological debate with a missionary pastor about how Christians should absolutely love the general idea of zombies. Hey, Jesus is a zombie. Think of it like this: the modern-day zombie is classified by 1 thing, really: It's something that has died..and come back to life. That's Jesus.

Sure, you can get into nitpicky things.. or slap more fences around what a zombie is or isn't.. but it always comes back to dying, and then no longer being dead. The word 'resurrection' invokes a very religious sense to lots of folks, and while I'm not trying to get into anything theological here.. I just thought it was an interesting idea to talk to this guy about. He's very knowledgable about lots of things, most theological, but man did I get his pricklies up with this idea.

I guess it's because zombies are ingrained as mindless monsters, bent on eating people, or their brains..or both. Then there's the whole Haitian thing about the zonbi and being someone's mindless slave..

Well, today I lucked out. Over on Sketchoholic (the same guys who do Schoolism classes) they've got a contest on.. the prize is membership points or something...but the contest is to take our everyday adorable whatevers and zombify them.
So I did this - and dontcha know?? Corel Painter Essentials 4 didn't crap out on me. I have the same programs open that I had yesterday, a couple more, actually.. so more resources are being used.. and it's not crapping out on me. I am pleasantly surprised.

So.. I decided to take one of our most harmless adorable whatevers and slap that zombie-taint all over it.

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