Monday, November 22, 2010

Cruel to be kind?

While I'm no tree-hugging-hippy who needs a kick in the face (preferably by an authoritarian archetype wearing riot-gear) I do think that we shouldn't be 'helping' "mother nature"... either by enabling dying species to propagate, or by bumping them off through the mass-expansion. (housing developments instead of smart apartment complexes, for example ...though, I would rather have a house than this apartment - because I have very noisy neighbours..but you can still get that with houses, too.. and it's a lot more work to move a house, than to find a new apartment)

SO.. if it can be cruel to be kind.. surely, it can be good to be mean.
Take tonight for example.. my upstairs neighbour knocked on my door. Had his laundry basket.
What's up?.. locked himself out. Oh..okay, has he called his brother(who is also his roommate)? Yeah, he's away on work until tomorrow evening..and he goes back into work himself in the morning. Do I have any experience breaking in door?.. Yes. Yes I do.
Picking locks - no. Just heaving my bulk into solid objects and expecting them to move instead of stopping me? Absolutely.
So.. I broke his door in.
Bad news = I tore the frame apart.
Good news = He had only locked the knob, not his deadbolt, so he could still lock the door.

So, after busting his door in, I came back down, put my boots on (instead of being barefoot), grabbed my toolbox (which is woefully under-supplied.. donations are welcome hehahahehah ^_^ ) and went back upstairs to do what I could with limited resources to patch the frame back together.

So.. helping sea turtles get into the ocean instead of letting them get there themselves (apparently) = bad?
Breaking in my neighbour's door so he isn't locked out of his own home for what would be 2 days = good?

Whatever. It was fun enough for me. ^_^

I did say yesterday about a double-post.. so..
If any of you read the webcomic No Reason  then you're probably wondering, as I am, what the heck a "Flondark" is.
For some reason.. in my mind.. it's something of general cute-looking-nature..that's actually vicious.
So I doodled some quick ideas up..and then some other critter crawled into my brain.

As for the images below.. yeah, not sure what they or where they come from..
This one's done in watercolour...(10 layers, dropped to the canvas, 1 colour per layer, see if you can guess all the colours).soo..yeah.. you see how that turned out. I really hate how some things (usually watercolour) doesn't like to get saved as a layer, or even 'dropped' when saved as a jpeg.

I'm playing a poker tourny right now.. and we went on break.. So when I checked how much time was left, there was 2 minutes. So I started a new piece, really quick.. and here we have a 2-minute charcoal horse sketch.

And this is.. just some more of that random airbrush stuff I do.
And yes, I'm still playing poker while airbrushing this. It's one of those things I'm trying to get myself used to - being distracted every few moments, but still being creative.



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