Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day & Night Doodling

Sometimes we overlook the simplest thigns that when we rediscover them.. it's a gentle head-slap of re-recognition of how important, and awesome, some things can be.

Literally the difference between night & day.
A bit of light here, a bit of dark there.. shades in between.
I don't remember who (but it was probably some egghead "scientist"), but someone once claimed that the human eye could distinguish between 64,000 different colours.

I really doubt that, considering most folks have a hard time discerning between what's actually black, and what's really just a dark-indigo pair of dress pants. Am I right?
There's also the stupid arguements that I've had with friends (and they've gotten pretty heated, which is just as stupid) about what's a pearlescent purple, and what's a glossy indigo blue.
I think the big problem is that we just can't see things through someone else's eye.

Just imagine.. if we could.. all for maybe 5 seconds..at the push of a button, see things through someone else's eyes.. kind of like the movie `Being John Malkovich`..only without the control over the person.
Quick-sketched this out using charcoals(coloured charcoal..thank you digital works!).. listening to some oldies music..and thinking of the things I grew up with that were `normal`..and are really just .. nosstalgic & bizarre today.

Raining mountain-fire in the day

Raining mountain-fire at night.

Little things.. same picture, one layer just had a colour-swap.. what a difference, ehn?

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