Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Memories (A)

I'm sure somewhere in the future I'll post something else titled `memories` this'll be `A`..instead of part-1 or anything.. because I don't expect them to relate to each other, but perhaps be more itemized like on a list of things under the heading of `memories`..

'Cause, yanno.. `part 1` indicates a related piece coming somewhere down the road.

Anyhow..I started painting a grassland piece..and it turned into something I remember from my time out in PEI. That's Prince Edward Island.. east-coast of Canada for them that don't know. North of Nova Scotia, south of the Newfies in Newfoundland...don't take that the wrong way, I like most of the folks I've met from Newfoundland.

Anyhow.. I remember sitting on the beach out by Cape Traverse, watching the sun go down, and thinking `there's a lot of beach scrub-grass for being almost winter..and why is it still green?`.. The grass does get rather tall.. it easily reached my groin..and I'm 6'2". we go.

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