Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New postcard!

I sat down to some cheesey, drawn-out anime called Ghost Hunt.. the opening is about a minute & a half longer than neccessary, and has a murder-inducing woman's wail for the vocals. It might sound better if surrounded by chanting, or screaming..or.. anything else. The music would be fine by itself, but no, they've paid some woman to wail through the scales while the opening runs it's course..which is also longer than neccessary. *sigh* I miss decent anime. Even if Cowboy Bebop is a bit contrived at times, predictable even, at least it was a good blend of music and animation. At some points, you thought certain characters might actually die. Well, when the narrator/main character says `I hope I don't die!`.. you know she's not going to. Main characters never get killed off, except by people like me.

Anyhow.. that stuff was going on in the background while I was whipping this up. It's still going on in the background. I thought the dvd would've been done by now.. live & learn, heheh. Speaking of living & learning.. be careful who you go hot-tubbing with.

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