Monday, November 29, 2010

Playing with Watercolours

So, yeah.. I'm not as good as I thought I was with watercolours.

But, practice makes perfect.

Speaking of practice.. I had the joy of visiting my local art supply store, Curry's and while looking around, found some great priced postcard-sized canvas'. So now, in addition to pen & ink on my watercolour postcards (because I'm not good enough yet to watercolour them), I can paint actual postcards and ship them out. Ship them out? Well, if I have any blank canvas' left when someone wins the next twitter-contest.
I also noticed that in addition to Copic and Prismacolour markers, they now carry Tombow markers. Oh, but to have thousands of dollars to just drop on art supplies, I could clean them out in a heartbeat.. *sigh*

There's a decent deal going with Curry's right now for the holiday-season.. free shipping(well, in Canada) on all telephone/online orders. Which really helps me as I'd like to nurture my nieces/nephew's artistic skills, but given that they live 5+hours away, weather depending, it's hard to just pop by for some art time with their Gruncle. (that'd be me.. their Grumpy Uncle)

So, if you're nearby, or browsing online.. and looking for some good deals on art supplies.. give Curry's a shot.

Anyhow.. quickshot watercolour attempt.

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