Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Polarbears in a snowstorm

I remember years ago, highschool art class, we had a teacher who was .. well, in recollection, a teacher.
Nothing amazing or awesome happened in that class.. it's an art class in an underfunded highschool. We did the whole `draw a tree` and `draw a portrait from a picture` thing.. we also had a few `creative freedom` classes, where we could paint or draw whatever we wanted.
There was one rule though : No polarbears in a snowstorm.
What that meant is, you can't just turn in a blank piece of paper, claiming it to be something.

Seriously though.. have you ever just looked at a winter landscape?
No trees, no rocks, just snow and ice. There's plenty of blues and greys and off-whites.
Depending on where the lightsource is, you even get dark shades right down to plain old lightless black.
Amazing stuff to just sit and take in at times.
Winter in a city? Lots of gray and brown and yuck, even the rooftops tend to taint the snow shortly after it's fallen.. snow is almost never just `white`. So how awesome is that?
Now, if you've got a winter forest.. there's even more colour.. and there are still some pants and whatnot that flourish in winter, so now you've got bright colours of berries, leaves and running water through the snowfields.

Speaking of snowfields.. This is a quick (and I mean quick.. maybe half an hour, tops) hilly snowscape, with, yes, the entrance to .. yeti's home? a cave? a kid's amazing snowfort? Superman's secret-backdoor to the Fortress of Solitude? ..whatever.

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