Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ever wonder what Charles Xavier (Professor X) sees when he's using his telepathy? What the inside of the human brain, and thought patterns really look like?

I've wondered about that from time to time.. most often depicted as jagged, unfocused images, or fog-enshrouded moments (thank you, television).. sometimes I like to think that it might be more akin to that whole wormhole/blackhole idea.. I mean, if the mind is constantly chugging away on things.. telepathy would be kind of like trying to slow-dance in the middle of a fast-moving stream, no?

Anyhow.. slight poke at the X-men.. seriously.. if you were a teenage girl at that `school`.. also a bonk on the nogging of the WonderWoman revamp..would you really want to go out in those super-tight outfits.. just go fight bad guys in your comfy sweats and fuzzy slippers, seriously!
That's something that's always bugged me.. fighting-games on consoles, comic books.. the guys are over-muscled and raging cauldrons of violent hormones - except when it comes to the ladies, ahem!.. and the women are all buxom, paint-on-clothing wearing vixens of death-dealing skill that.. okay.. if someone with Domino's figure single-handed a double-barrelled winchester, she's dislocate her shoulder... or the recoil would bring that beast back with enough force to knock her out and cave in her nose.

But how dare I want some semblence of realism in a comic or tv series!! 8P

Sing along with me now (to the tune of the 60's Spider-man theme song)
"Jammy-jams, jammy-jams, kickin butt in my jammy-jams,
because I can, 'cause I don't like
super-slinky, super-tight
I'm beating you in my jammy-jams
Beating you in my jammy-jams
Beating you, in my, jammmmmmyJAMS!"

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