Sunday, November 28, 2010

Re-Imagined: Superman

Okay, so I put some more thought & work into the Superman thing.

I took some things into consideration: Skinny farm boy youth. Reporter. Super-strong, doesn't need to work out.

SO.. we've got Clark Kent, skinny, dour reporter trying to get a scoop. Alter-ego, right?.. so he stoops a bit, shoulders a bit hunched. Hair brushed forward over his forehead
And Superman.. Shoulders back and broad, chest out, head back so he has to look down on the criminals (it's an intimidation thing), Hair wildly blown about (as it would be if you flew like he does, no?) & out of his face.

Sure, Superman could just rip a pipe off a wall and use it as make-shift handcuffs. And that would be cool.. but that would also be destruction of property. And as Clark Kent's upbringing taught Supes to respect life and other people and all that, to be that Beacon of Hope for Humanity.. yeah. Hello utility-belt. Holds handcuffs and/or zip-ties or whatever's currently being used by police forces.

Cape & Emblem intertwined.. tights turned into clothes. Because if Superman's 'costume' is his clothes from his planet.. what's the deal!? In the pictures of Krypton, people were wearing flowing robes & sashes.. nothing skin-tight or brightly coloured! So things've been remade into clothes a bit more. Decided to untuck those tight-pants from the boots.. that's just a personal preference.

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