Friday, November 26, 2010

Re-Imagining 1

So, okay.. it's not really a `re-imagining` per se.. but really.. that slicked-back curly-cue is as iconic to Superman as his big red&yellow S and the blue tights.

What I'd like to know is.. the guy gets his powers fueled by our yellow sun.. so why the heck is he so bulky? Over the years he's gotten even bulkier.. Tim Buckley of Ctrl-Alt-Del had a "silly" of a "diesel batman" (I still haven't googled what `diesel` means in relation to muscley characters), where Batman's facing a crook.. flexes his bicep, and the crook's head explodes. Superman passed that point of silly muscley-goodness a long time ago.

And this is one reason I liked Superman Returns. Brandon Routh doesn't look like a tough-guy. Hell, he looks like the kid you beat up for lunch-money in highschool. Superman's never had to actually work-out to be strong. No running miles down the country roads, or baling hay & stray to get pipes, no no..he was just naturally strong thanks to a yellow-sun and his weird alien mutant powers. (I say mutant because hey, put him under a red-sun light-source and he's back to being a regular wuss like the rest of us)

So.. this is a first-attempt (and done quickly because it's friday, and that means I'm usually out doing something) of a very very mild re-imagining.. longer hair, slimmer frame, less emphasis on rippling muscles, and more just.. well, hey, I'm superman. Shoot me, waste your bullets, I'll turn your wrist into jelly by accident.

When I can put more actual time into it, I'll try a full-on re-imagining..that means costume, symbol, the whole thing. Probably won't even recognize it as Superman without me telling you it's this re-imagining thing.

Let the games begin!

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