Monday, November 8, 2010

Rule.. whatever

I can never remember what number it's supposed to be. But there's some `rule 34` (I'm just using 34 as an example-number) that basically goes something like, if someone's made it, someone else has made porn out of it.

And that's just kind of horrible. Can you imagine Lego porn? How would that even work!?

SO.. if anyone here reads Looking for Group they'll recognize the below image as a female take on the groups' warlock, Richard. A while ago, during one of his ustreams, Lar deSouza, caricaturist, comic artist, and all-round nice guy, decent human being and laugh-riot, did a `female richard` that became more a cross of Richard and Bunny, only in femme-form. if you've missed it, there was a Showgirl Richard done before this, and it was disturbing enough. But during the creation of that artistic monstrosity, the chatters in channel had brought up how everything has some kind of bizzaro-world porn.

Now, some things seem made if only to be mocked and bent and usurped by fans and other people.. but there's plenty of stuff out there that, when you see someone's twisted take on it you go `Why?!` or, if you're like me, "What is wrong with you!!"

okay.. this is turning into a bit of a rant, and you're not here for a rant (or are you?).. you're here for pictures.
So here you go.

and painted version: As you can see, some changed were made and wow, if colour doesn't just do something else, huhn?

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