Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I got to thinking of other heroes/heroines and villains/villainess' who could use some re-imagining.
Thor came to mind.
Thor's not exactly "owned" by anyone, but certain companies have used their own take on the mythology of the Norse God (half-god?..no that's Hercules\Herakles, my bad), so, a bit of Google-image searching later, I'm finding a lot of Marvel Comic's Thor images, and some that really just remind me of Conan-with-a-hammer. There was one image with a signature of " -Voltare-" on it that I really liked.

So, I'm coming up with my own re-design of the old Odin-Son.
So far it's just digital sketches.

Oh..and if you're reading this, go check out this petition to get a Canadian Nerd a guest spot on The Big Bang Theory : http://bit.ly/fppelZ

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