Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Step by step

Okay.. I stayed up to what is my normal bedtime.. but I'm trying to cut it back to a `normal` bedtime... anyhow, I was up late last night.

I spent about 20 minutes picking through my song collection & making iTunes my indentured slave for the night. Set playlist to random.. some songs came on in a sequence thta just really fired into the ol' creativity-centre and I did some digital painting.

Not my best work..though I don't think I'll ever have something I can claim as `my best work`.. because I'm always trying to improve. Anyhow.. There's this funny girl named Danielle Corsetto who draws this amazingly human, touching, hilarious comic called Girls with Slingshots that, really, you should go read. Well, if you're over 18, because it deals with adult-issues.. and no, that's not code-for-porn..its code for mature things, like relationships, jobs, drinking and... KITTIES! Yeah, kitties. The girl's got a knack for drawing adorable kitties. So what makes me mention her? Simple.
Every time I hear John Denver's "Country Roads", I think of her.. because she's in of.. the Virginia's.

Wow.. brain-failure there.
Anyhow.. The 2 songs that played together were Molly Hatchet's Flirtin' with Disaster and John Denver's Country Roads.. and I haven't done anything organic or nature-y in a good while.. Not sure if I like how I did the leaves.. I'll probably re-attempt this later (later being months from now) ... But it's amazing how when you do something step by little step, it looks like crap until it starts coming together.
Everything is on it's own layer.. 2 layers for leaves, 3 layers for trees.. just.. yeah. To look at the individual layers, it looks like garbage.. but when they're brought together..

"Two paths diverged in a forest and I.. took the one that fell into the river. Damn."

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