Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There will be a couple of posts tomorrow, but there won't be anything tonight.

While I *can* work with distractions, today's been more of a general drain on my everything than normal.. I almost had a nap a few hours ago..and naps are rare. Hehn, more than a few hours' sleep is rare.
Tomorrow is an all-out art day..so there'll be some posts from the various creations.

But tonight.. tonight is rest(hopefully) with some relaxation(needed) added in.

Sorry folks.. no man's battery runs forever.
To tide you over, here's some temporary body-art I did on a friend who let me test out a set of markers.
Fat-tip markers bought from a hobbyshop for general experimentation with.
They washed right off afterwards.. half of it came off with dry papertowel.

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