Wednesday, November 17, 2010

They wouldn't have survived The Occupation

Have you ever been angry with someone, so angry you just want them dead, because dead means they'll NEVER bever able to bother you again? I am that angry with my neighbours.

See, I like peace and quiet. Not the noise of domestsic disputes, not the noise of some undisciplined kid running about and screeching for 16 hours(16hours on a good day). My neighbours above me play video games. It can get loud sometimes, and when it gets loud, I let them know, and they're good enough to turn it down. They understand what peace & quiet can mean. My other neighbours... don't know what `quiet` means, it seems. If they were in Anne Frank's situation, they'd've died a thousand times over by now.
What I really don't understand is how this is a recent thing. The first few months were nice and quiet and no major issues... but a couple months ago, it seems someone implanted StupidityNoiseChips in these people's heads.

So add this constant aggrevation to having to deal with people from the past coming to try and haunt you, in addition to the general annoyances of daily life we all(well, most of us anyhow) have to deal with, and that's where I'm at right now.

Not as much work done today as I would have liked, but then, given I get only a handful(if that) of hours of sleep, my day's been very slow.
To add to the growing list of frustrating things.. a friend suggested I try just painting-from-life.. take an object, put it by/under/around a single light-source and paint it.
.....No single-light-source to be found. Apparently, I've lost a lamp somewhere.

Understanding that the way this place is setup helps:  1 outlet per room, except for 3 in the kitchen(technically 5 as the stove/fridge each have one). Outlets are located in the most strategically useless place in room. For example.. my living room has it's only outlet about 16inches from the hot-water-radiant-heater while the service jacks (phone, tv, etc) are in the complete opposite corner of the room.

So, the geniuses who built the place, have it set so that light from any room except the parallel bedrooms will penetrate every other room. SO.. hoping to find my lamp to overcome the ambient light from other rooms & windows... didn't happen.
Today Sucks.
So here's a couple images.

Vegetation seems to have really just crept into my painting today.. the vegemonster above, and the grassland spirits below.

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