Thursday, November 25, 2010

Variety vs. Re-imaginings

The below image is a quick-sketch of 3 of the most commonly seen (by me) heads of Mr.Freeze in the Batman longevity. From the 60's show, comics, cartoons to today.

I like variety.. various character designs are always kinda cool.. even if they're bad or make you wonder what decade the design came from (looking at YOU, redesign of WonderWoman.. welcome to the 90's.)

It's the phrase `re-imagining` that gets my hackles up. Take the current clusterfuck of this Superman re-imagining. Supes looks like someone just teabagged his grandmother after a raunchy round of Halo.
Not cool, guys.
I understand the desire for the comics to keep selling, even to the emo/twilight/everything is hairless-prettyboy-and-sad crowd.. wait.. do they even read comics? Maybe if we rephrase it to `graphic novels`...yes yes, there IS a difference, I know.. but let's not get into that right now.

The problem is.. someone early on took Superman and made him boring. Can only be hurt by kryptonite. every villain has kryptonite. Then it's magic. Then it's other-worldly aliens that can beat him up but good. (Darkseid anybody?.. Doomsday was a joke...if they left Supes dead for at least 2 (of our)years before reviving him in all his multi-cloned laughability, it could have worked)

But no.. now they're re-imagining the Man of Steel to be more accessible to today's messed up society.
Instead of leaving him as the beacon of hope, of a pristine-americana...a way to try to live and be, take that high-road because it's just what you do!!!!!...they make him more `human`.."accessible".. "relatable"...
Screw that. Wolverine's not relatable to anybody who's younger than 100. But people still like him.
The writer's've done a decent job, more or less, making stories people like.. and it's a sad thing that shows us exactly just how `bottom of the barrel` and `completely out of ideas` they are when they `re-imagine` classic iconic characters.

That's my 2 cents on the topic.
And here's my quick(15minute) sketch. ..of Mr.Freeze.. yeah, I got carried away on that rant.

You know what? Maybe I'll do a series of `re-imaginings` of my own.. my own take on classic and iconic heroes&villains from the comics world.

Any suggestions folks?

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