Saturday, November 6, 2010


Where'd the time go?
I started working on the piece below, for the SketchOholic interview-contest (hey, who wouldn't mind winning a copy of Corel Painter 11?) and I figured I'd spend maybe 20 minutes plotting things out in my head, get a couple quick roughs down then get to work.
Well, 4 hours have gone by and I'm done.
Granted, the last 35 minutes have been fighting with Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Photoshop CS3, as apparently, my watercolour layers simply get dropped now when I collapse or drop-layer-onto-canvas. And they didn't save when converting to PSD either. Am I doing something wrong here? The watercolour layers saved the last few times I saved as .jpg files. Either way, both art/drawing/creative programs are starting to chap my buttocks and generally make me wonder if I should quit digital works and go back to actual paint & pens...  ......but I won't quit, not altogether.. because must force myself to get the same quality, the same detail, from my happy Wacom Bamboo Fun+ tablet as I can with a pen & paper. I must. Therefore, quitting is an option for quitters, and I ain't no quitter, no how. (triple negative, yay!)
I must say, Irfanview has saved my bacon more than once on shrinking an image by mere percentages but dropping the file size by megs, and keeping the quality intact. Thank you IrfanView folks, for a great image viewer/semi manipulator, that's also free!

Well, I must say I think this is the second-longest I've worked on any one individual piece. The longest was an 8-hour-stretch, doing a black & white, un-inked jungle scene. I might snap a pic and post that here somewhere down the road. Sometimes the longest part of anything is getting the ideas to look right in the rough-drafts.

Friend of mine tweeted that she pointed someone to this thing.. well, if you're reading.. Hi! Thanks for reading. You should know (and I'll remind the others that read this thing) that I generally start somewhere between 930 and 10, if I start late, it's past 10:30, and have a self-imposed deadline of midnight (daily drawings afterall).. so the majority of the works here are all done in less than an hour - that's going from a blank canvas and no real idea, to coming up with something, roughing it out, and getting it done.
Size is almost always 800X600 at either 300 or 600ppi, depending on what I'm angling for. (I should just keep it at 600..can always scale down, scaling up is a chore and then some)

So, if you mosey over the SketchOholic site, you can check out some of the great artwork that people are submitting for the various contests and fun stuff that goes on there.

And yes, I really like the thick, pasty lines of the Thick Wet Impesto reminds me of fingerpainting with really really thick acrylic paints.

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