Saturday, November 13, 2010


It's a saturday.. so, there'll probably be a late post (technically, double-post-sunday)

But whyyyyyyyyy you cry/whine/plead? Because I'm playing some poker.
I've already got my rough roughed out, am trying a different thingy, and am enjoying a lil break.

So, yeah, this isn't going to be one of those `done in less than 90minutes` deals. Because I'm taking a break.
Granted, I've only put in about 15 minutes worth of time on it (including conception)..and it's all being done in fine-tip-pen(well, digital "fine-tip-pen-brush"), which is really.. kinda like drawing/painting in.. marker.. to me. Yet the marker-brush behaves differently than I expect.. more like a leaky/blendable...colour-bleeding-leech, actually.. brush.

It's currently 10:04pm, so depending on how good or bad I do in my poker game, and how fast I work, I might actually have something up in time.. but I'm betting on my pokerskills to put me at least to 11, maybe 1130 before I crap out (I *am* playing against 5000 other people here..well, online). So.. yeah, we'll see what happens, but don't count on a finished piece being up before midnight.

"But you've put up roughs before" you say? Well, yes I have.. for a reason. Normally I like to put up things that I consider to be finished, and some roughs are simply that - roughs, and nothing more.

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