Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

My roommate, bless her heart ( I picked that phrase up while in Texas),
texted me asking me what I was doing tomorrow.
My first thought was `It's Christmas, hello!! B'd'uhhhh`.. then I remember I don't do anything on Christmas.

See, my family is either 6 hours north, or something like 17hours west.
I drive...but I don't have my own vehicle. It's actually cheaper to fill a gas-tank than it is to take a bus, not that I can afford either. So, I just don't see my family often.. or at all it seems like most days.

But wait!, you say, We live in a world with internets, facebooks, texts & IM's, you can keep in touch!
Well, sure.. but that's still no substitute for actually seeing the flesh&blood on the other side of a screen, and no, webcams just don't do it justice. Besides, it's well-documented that yes, as a society, we're more connected than ever.. but we're also more alone & lonelier than ever.

Anyhow, so while you folks enjoy time with family, feasting away and making merry, I hope to be getting my laundry done, and trying to find non-christmas shows/movies on the tv that comes with said wonderful laundry access.
For those of you who, like me, cannot be with your family or the ones you care about, my empathies, and I'll try to remember to raise a glass of `cheer` to you, tomorrow.

So.. given that the amount of snow on the ground here isn't enough to fill a child's serving of a slurpy/slushie/snowcone.. here's a lil something from my head to yours.

      Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night.     

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