Monday, December 6, 2010

It never rains...

...but it pours. Torrentially it seems.

If you've been reading along, you might recall I had mentioned how I seem to have averaged approximately 1 interview per month for each month since I've graduated.
Well, I think that number is about to go UP.

I had an interview today, and, I think it went well. Whenever I'm given `homework`, I tend to think it went well. But I have to be careful.. I've had offers of employment that included some pre-actual-job-offer "homework", and the job disappeared into the ether. Some of them would've been great fun, amazing skill-enhancement work, and just plain good to do. Wish they had panned out, but such didn't happen, and what are you going to do?
Head down, eyes up, shoulder to the plow, and keep pushin, that's what.

I spent roughly 6 years being asked `What's your passion? What do you want do with your life?` before a musician who got some work in the eatery I was working at flipped the switch for me.
What's your passion in life? he asked. I told him I didn't have any 'passion in life'.. What is that thing, or if you're like me, things that if you could no longer do or enjoy, life would take a serious nosedive into WorthlessLand for you? ... now THAT was a rephrasing I could understand. For me? Music and Art.
Don't be surprised if you don't have an answer right away. It took roughy 6 years, and a complete stranger to rephrase the question before I could grasp what it was.

Doing what you love for a (decent! [they never mention that part]) living is often called `living the dream`.
Screw that noise! You always wake up from dreams. Always.

Let's get realistic for a moment, because less than half of a half of a percent `live the dream`.
SO.. if you're doing something you enjoy, that pays your bills and puts food in your fridge (plus some fun-money-that's important too), you're essentially head & shoulders above the rest of the working-world.
If you get into a line of work that feeds your passion, you're flying now. Nobody can deny that the people who are passionate in their work get noticed. They also tend to do amazing things that others in their field wonder how they managed to do.

So.. what's your passion?

Here's some simple pastel complimentary/contrasting (something about pastels seems make them appear more complimentary..weird) pieces. Nothing fancy, all simple. All done within a 40-minute time period, including this writing. Originally I was working on doing a bizarro-coloured forest walkway...then changed my mind.

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