Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Plot: Conspiracy Corn

Okay, something new.. a sneak-peek, if you will.

I've had some sstuff rattling around my head for a while, sketched some of them out..and now I'm adding to it.. fleshing it out even more.

The Plot: a world of anthropomorphic produce. Produce Police are kind of like who SWAT would call in when they can't deal with what's going down. Fridgers are like cops.. and if someone's been `put in the bin`, they've been incarcerated. To be composted, is to be killed, and all sorts of other fruit&veggie stuff tossed in for fun & giggles.

I've got some main players, major characters, side dishes(hee hee) and other critters... the writing is the hard part.. because I don't really write..I just think of stuff, sketch it out, and let it grow in my head.
Inside my noggin is a world, almost in full-swing, of these guys.
You know how Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, X-men, Farscape & such have their own thriving worlds?
So does The Plot. Only difference is, it's all in my head, not in comic, movie, tv or other-format.

So, to start off, I give you, Conspiracy Corn.
more to follow,

Praise be to the Farmer Above,
Thankful for the Fertilizer,
Keep us from Composting,
and Stay outta the Crisper.

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