Thursday, December 23, 2010


So..yeah. Wasn't sure what I was going to just up and sketch tonight..

I don't really like holidays. All the farcity of the forced-glee and fake happiness..not even close to masking the rushing, grumbling, crowded, irritated and nigh-almost-brutish shoppers.. people being people, doing things that, if left to their own devices, would do when they wanted to, because they wanted to (or so I tell myself), instead of being forced into this thing called 'christmas'.

And it's not even 'christmas' anymore.. it's all `happy holidays`.
Utter bullshit.
However.. if you want to be all `happy holidays` and not `merry christmas`.. fine. Go in to work, and work a regular day's wage on December 25th. Return the 'holiday pay' and if you happen to work that day, return the time-and-a-half or however much they're paying you, and take only what would be a regular-day's wage.
Otherwise, kindly STFU and have a Merry Christmas.

I don't like the commercialization of this time of year. It seems the only time we aren't bombarded with `seasonal` advertising is during the summer..and even then, Victoria Day Weekend (aka, May2-4) the 4th of July, Canada Day, or some other day crops up that's suddenly a big deal.
But it's really bad from Labour Day down through to St.Patrick's Day.

It starts with Labour Day barbecue stuff. Then (in Canada) October-Thanksgiving, then Halloween, then (in the US) November-Thanksgiving, then a small lull for about 3 days while Remembrance Day is observed by some (and those who refuse to acknowledge it, please get to the front of the line of advancing troops in enemy territory.) and then it's Christmas time followed shortly thereafter by New Year's, on to Valentine's Day and then the dull-roar of St.Patrick's Day.
You've got 7 months of spending, enduring, imbibing, partaking and supposedly, enjoying. That only gives you 5 months (if you do nothing else) to work, pay off debts and try to save up for the recurring 7 months of 'joy'

I'm not against having a good time or enjoying yourself.. or even special days that commemorate things.. but don't force me to celebrate something. Don't make me feel like I'm some defectual delinquent because I'm not all smiles and sunshine in what are generally the coldest and bleakest months of the year. (Nov-Feb, let's say)

So I got thinking about Scrooge.
Now, let's say Scrooge was actually a younger man.. a real go-getter, one of those fast up&coming kind of guys, who steps on everyone but the poeple he glad-hands so he can keep climbing that ladder to a position of authority and paycheque.
Then the Ghost of Christmas Past, Present & Future pay him a visit.
I'm fairly sure that Scrooge wouldn't have actually recanted his well-worn habits and ways of being, thinking, living just because of some ghostly visions & visitations. But the Ghostbusters aren't around for another couple of hundred years... so what're ya gonna do?

Ya do it yourself. And yes, this is the beginning of a foray into steampunk ghostbusting, a la Ebenezer Scrooge.. or, as I'm calling it: Scrooge's Revenge. The steampunk aspects would come into play for the ghost-fighting gear, among other things.

Seriously though.. it's surprisingly difficult to get them muttonchops right. But they're very fun to draw.

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